EverNote Snapshot Notes on iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch

How to take advantage of the Evernote app over iPad 2 cameras? Can we create the snapshot notes while using the Apple iPad 2 cameras?

According to Wikipedia the Ever Note is a suite of software & also services which are designed for notes taking and archiving, the note can be any format-able text, webpage, photo, voice memo, handwritten ink note or such, it is just like an online version of a yellow sticky pad!

The Evernote FREE app for Apple iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch turns these Apple iOS gadgets into an extension of the brain, means this app helps us to remember and grasp any thing in an easy way, everything seems comes to get fit in Evernote's virtual notepad! You can share and sync your iGadgets' with your Mac, Web or Windows PC,

Updated Latest Version of EverNote 4.0.1:

The latest Evernote virtual note pad has few new features like, this holds good for Apple's latest crazy-go tablet PC, the iPad 2, with dual cameras and one can take advantage of the iPad 2 cameras by creating the snapshot notes while using the Apple iPad 2 cameras.

Make Google Voice Phone Calls From Any Country

How to Get & Use the Google Voice Call Phone Button Anywhere in Any Country?

As we know that Google Voice is a telephone service from Google Inc. which gives free phone calls / SMS in US & Canada, but this free phone service only is available to the residents of US and Canada and not to the international countries,

Google Voice provides for a free lifetime US phone number and one number rings all of your telephones which are connected or linked with the number,

The Google Voice app is also available for free in Apple iTunes store for a download on Apple (iOS) iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad,

But here is a website: Allurewebsolutions.com which claims that any one can get the Google Voice call phone button in any country of the world and is NOT limited only to the US/Canada residents,

(they are selling their 'solution' for GBP 10, but we can not confirm this claim to be true, as we had not tested this claim, so if you are going to buy this, please do at your own peril),

They say that using this Google Voice solution the internationals would be able to make calls of Google Voice and they do not need to be in the USA or Canada, in-particular they seems to be selling their GV service to the UK users! We hope this works!

VoIP Video / Audio Conferencing on iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch (4th Generation)

Question: How to make audio / video call conferencing on iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch (4th Generation)?

Answer: Using Vippie Video softphone - VoIP SIP clientBy VoipSwitch you can do audio and video conference calls over Apple iPhone 4, iPad 2 (WIFI / 3G), or even on the iPod Touch (4th Generation).


For Apple iPhone 4, Vippie's video softphone is the generic SIP client which works with all SIP servers over WIFI / 3G cellular data networks, this supports the good quality g729 and also g722 audio codecs and also the H264 video codec (it can get connected to a SIP video calling phone which supports H264 codec) , good for making and receiving the VOIP audio / video phone calls, also have lots and lots of nice calling features, like XMPP chat (presence) etc.

This VOIP iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch (generation 4) calling app (priced for $9.99) is released by Voiceserve for audio as well as video call conferencing, and this is good as it lowers the bandwidth usage to as low as 140KB/s.

Group Photos & Videos (Social Mobile App) For iPhone & Android: Color

Group Photos & Videos - Color - Social Mobile Free Photo App for Apple iPhone & Google Android

Q.: I need a social app (free) for group photos (pictures) and videos over Apple iPhone or / and Android mobile devices, can you please help?

A.: Yes! Of-course we will help to find out the picture and video grouping social app on mobiles, here it goes, this is The Color.

Details of the Color Group (Multi-lens) Photo & Video app:

Color.com was in the news very recently for the stunning price ($3,50,000) paid for this great 5 letter top level domain (TLD)!


Elastic Networking:

Color is a social mobile app (iOS and Android) for photos and videos, means like you are in a party or a social gathering and there are many friends or so having Apple iPhone or Google Android mobile devices than you all can shoot & fly the pictures (photos or snaps) and videos in the party or the vicinity with others photos!

What Color does for you is that you can watch the photos that your friends are taking and also of the persons taking in the vicinity under 100 to 150 feet of your photo, it is like a visual diary!

Basically this photo app, groups all the photos on the basis of the notion that who your friends are thus leaving you to be more anxious in the photos, in which you could be really interested!

With Color photos and video streaming app, you can use multiple Apple iPhones, Android phones to make capture photos, videos, any other conversation (in-built SMS and text messaging) into type of a group social album! Nothing to attach, upload or friending etc., just shoot and share (on Twitter or Facebook), it is all about friends and there colors!

Color System Tools and Technology:

The Color.com may administer your phone's Bluetooth device settings, and to pair with remote such devices, it may also view the network state of your device's WIFI, for a smoother communication, also this can allow the apps to accept the cloud to device messages sent by the application's services, and the data usage may incur using this service, also beware about any malicious apps that may cause you some excess of the data usage.

Facebook {PSTN} Click-To-Call iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch App: VOIP, 3G, 4G, WIFI Not Needed: KipCall

Facebook Click-To-Call iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch App on PSTN: VOIP, 3G, 4G, WIFI Not Needed: KipCall

Q. How to make voice calls to Facebook friends?

Ans. Use Facebook Click-To-Call iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch App on PSTN: VOIP, 3G, 4G, WIFI Not Needed: KipCall


Facebook is a social online meeting place for netizens / friends which attracts highest online traffic in our times, designed by a teen the Facebook hooks millions of million global social citizens on its web!

Make Voice Calls to Facebook Friends: Click to Call by KipCall, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS) App

The French company MobileGlobe's KipCall is a voice calling app to be used on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with Facebook and in a single click (click to call) you can connect your Facebook friends instantly, the KipCall brings life and voice to the social network, the Facebook,

This is a NON-VOIP app and it does not require WIFI or 3G or 4G to make the phone calls, just PSTN connectivity holds good (KipCall uses your normal cellular connection to make the phone calls and does not require WIFI or 3G or 4G as this is not a VOIP app thus your normal local phone call minutes may cost you here by your telecom operator) to make the voice calling with Facebook friends to use this app, no need to remember Facebook friends phone number, just call them by their profile name,

KipCall holds good privacy options like blocking / filtering of unwanted phone calls etc and other good thing is that you can actually 'see' your nearby (0.6 miles apart) friends (without broadcasting your location) and decide to make a phone call than,

Fine Print:

The current version of this PSTN (iPhone etc.) voice calling app to friends over Facebook is limited only to North America (US / Canada), and remember though you may call while roaming but it could lead to bear you the charges for the international roaming, so best to avoid this.

Free Worldwide Calls & Text (iPhone to iPhone): Mobile VOIP App

Make Free Calls, Send Free SMS WorldWide (Apple iPhone to iPhone) by PalTalk Mobile VOIP App

What is PalTalk Video / Audio Chat:

PalTalk is an established brand and an internet chat service which allows face to face IM communication via voice or video chatting, they have hundreds and thousands of chat rooms, and their user can create a own private and virtual chat rooms!

Download PalTalk Messenger:

PalTalk Messenger can be downloaded for free from HERE!

PalTalk Free Calling & Free Text-ing Globally in-between Apple iPhones

Paltalk has announced the free international calls and texting in-between Apple iPhones using its mobile VOIP software (mVOIP): Vumber (virtual disposable phone number-s), {like having one or many lines on your Apple iPhone},

Vumber Virtual Phone Numbers:

Vumber works over WIFI and 3G cellular networks, both, and can turn your Apple iPod Touch into a full fledge iPhone!

Paltalk and Vumber on iPhone gives the independence to make free iPhone calling over cross-platforms too like Verizon Wireless to AT&T (and vice versa) or Vumber to Vumber and such,

Push Notification and Multiple Lines on Mobile:

Besides free calls, texts, with Vumber you can have multiple lines on your iPhone and can have push notification feature too. Paltalk acquired the Vumber (virtual & disposable phone numbers company) in November 2009.

Sprint Phones Enables Free Google Voice

Display your Google Voice number for free while calling over the Sprint Mobiles

USA's third largest cell phone operator, the SPRINT has something to rejoice, it has now enabled the Google Voice which provides for the free long distance calling in the USA and Canada! Google Voice means one number that rings all of your phones, its like SIP Forking! and gives ability to make low priced overseas calls,

Sprint customers in the USA can now use their existing phone number as the Google Voice number, and with Google Voice on Sprint, you can receive your phone calls in your home, office or on a PC using Google's email: Gmail!

The calls & texting over Gmail sent from google.com/voice will bear and display your Sprint number, so for Sprinters no need to port or change your phone number,

Now to make calls and send text messaging over Sprint cell phones you can display your GV (Google Voice) number and this feature comes free with Sprint phones, you may anytime turn off this free feature in your Google Voice setting tab, thus Sprint make it very easy to use Google's telephony, the free Google Voice, which gives a free life time US phone number with free calling in USA / Canada,

The seamless Google Voice integration with Sprint customers' phones would enable the Sprint customers' to take full advantage of free Google telephony in USA and all of the GV features will be now available over the Sprint phones for free while making or receiving the phone calls, and there is no need of any app for this all.

Also with the introduction of Nexus S 4G for Sprint (Android), which has Sprint's high speed super 4G data network, also is enabled for Google Voice now,

VoIP Network Over IPv6, Will it Ensure QOS?

IPv6 VoIP network:

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) is the basically next gen protocol for the Internet! The current Internet protocol is is IPv4 and IPv6 are designed to give away the many advantages over current Internet protocol!

The IPv4 and IPv6 defines the networks layer protocol which means that how data is being transmitted from a computer to the another one, over the packet - switched networks like the Internet!

VOIP over IPV6? Would It be better?

VOIP network over IPV6 will be of-course better as IPV6 will ensure the QOS (quality of service) which is a major issue in Voice over internet protocol implementation, the IPV6 will implement the QOS with marking & help classification of IP packets to provide one of the most reliable VOIP network or the infrastructure,

VOIP over the IPV6 network will be able to detect the traffic flows and can identify the packets to assign certain parameters to group them, the IPV6 will provide the traffic class field of 8 bits in the IPV6 header to implement QOS marking,

Latest in IPV6 - VOIP Networking Technology:

Interoute (Europe's most advanced data network) and the Genband (S3 SBC support) announced that they have an agreement to deliver the official IPV6 VOIP network in the Europe! It will support the IPV6 via S3 session border controller, the GENBAND enables Interoute which will extend its Carrier IP inter-connect / SIP trunking (business) solution into the next Gen. IPV4 & IPV6 networks (native) ...

More Info:



Free VOIP Calls (WIFI) on BlackBerry 9700 Bold / Curve 8520: Nimbuzz

Free VOIP Calling over WIFI on RIM BlackBerry 9700 Bold & Blackberry Curve 8520 using Nimbuzz mobile VOIP (mVOIP)

Finally here is a mobile app to make free VOIP calls on RIM’s Blackberry mobile smart phones models: BlackBerry 9700 Bold / Blackberry Curve 8520, (Free calling is from Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz, Windows Live/MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk),

Nimbuzz is a popular VOIP mobile app to make free international calls and messaging and keeps the generations connected using mobile VOIP platform giving them free and low cost phone calls, Nimbuzz VOIP Tweeted this news for the mobile VOIP world,

VOIP on mobile with Nimbuzz means the blending of internet + mobile communications into one, thus makes phone calling free and rather low cost telephony to get connected with your family and friends living anywhere in the world,

RIM is Research in Motion which is based in Canada and is a name in making popular Blackberry mobile smart phones, which is a brand used and in much demand worldwide with its many models, and Business class loves Blackberry,

Blackberry server encryption is a very tough and secured thing to get or cracked, they have secured messaging and many countries of the world (India, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.) many times goes in tussle with RIM on the server encryption issue to give them an access or keep the servers in their nation, but the clever Canada telco, the RIM manages and handles these countries very well with no compromise to its technology : )

… Well, the VOIP on BlackBerry 9700 Bold & Blackberry Curve 8520 will give a new meaning of life and savings to these handset lovers and they could now make Nimbuzz free phone calls on their latest RIM set.


How VOIP / Internet Voice Calls works?

Why Google Adsense & FaceBook are at Loggerheads?

FaceBook and Google Adsense seems to be in a 'silent' dispute over placing of Ads by Google (known as Adsense ads), in Facebook's apps which are developed by Facebook developers ... and the victims simply are the FaceBook app developers, who are upset now!?

Facebook is the most popular online social network of our times and is sometime gets ahead of search giant Google in USA, in number of users terms,

Google no doubt is the King of the net who rules the daily lives of any netizen, without Google we can never think of a virtual life now : )

Google has a free CPC (cost per click) programme to earn honest money online, known as Google Adsense which provides for the Ads by Google, which is used by many large and small web sites and blogs, The Adsense programme is very strict and known for its zero tolerance policy which may ban a person not abiding to the Adsense TOS, Google closely watch its publishers and is very clean and honest in its deeds, that makes them the world's largest online ad publishing platform, they share a portion of earnings (revenues) with their publishers who publishes the free Google ads on their blog or web pages,

Facebook app developers too uses the Adsense ads in the past but now Facebook has removed Google Adsense of its long approved advertisers list, and asked its app developers to comply with Facebook policies, this clearly means a BIG and Huge loss of money for the Facebook App developers,

What to say of Google's loss, they are loosing Facebook's astonishing 500 millions+ worldwide community, for which developers are making the Facebook apps, means big loss of revenues for all viz.: Facebook app developers, Facebook and Google!

The Facebook app developers are in a rage, as Facebook thinks that the Google Adsense must comply with their policies,

Adsense which is rather known to be VERY strict with its publishers to comply to their policy, will comply with Facebook policies or NOT is a very interesting question, lets see what is going to get unfold,

... but one thing is clear that without the Google Adsense this is NOT a lovely world to live in, as Google's Adsense has changed the lives of many : ) and I am one of the best example for this, Google Adsense is like the Gods for us! Long Live, God Bless!!!

Free International Calls to Japan: iPhone App Works on Carrier IDD Signals, No WIFI or 3G Needed

ChatTime is an app in Apple iTunes Store to make cheap international phone calls on Apple iPhone, this iPhone (VOIP calls rate) app is free to download from iTunes,

Now ChatTime IP app is giving away the free international calls to Japan till the end of the March 2011 (with callback set to off), from 48 countries, CNET reports,

The iPhone phone call app is good to make use of the phone networks {carrier IDD / carrier signal} and no WIFI or 3G is required (just the carrier signal is needed) to make the low cost international and also for free Japan calls,

The app displays the local country time, where you are calling so you can decide if the time is good to call or it is odd international time zone!

Tsunami & Earth Quake Alerts App For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple iTunes Store holds an app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, the app give alerts for Tsunami and Earthquake: Earth Quake Display App, this Tsunami app comes for $0.99 and may be useful for the persons having iOS Apple gadgets to get an early alert feeds around the world, for the natural calamities, like it happened in Japan,

The actual broadcast alert can also be viewed on the web page of NOAA, the app is brought to us by Morgan Software,

The app holds the global record to show the display of 200 past earthquakes in human history, this data is sent by USGS ...

Video Conference on iPad 2: SIP/H.323: Mirial ClearSea

With the Apple's latest release of its newest wonder tablet PC the iPAD 2 the hectic activities are ongoing relating to VOIP and video calling,

The Facetime is a native free calling app of Apple which comes in-built in iPad 2, having dual cameras to make unlimited free video calls over WIFI hotspots, from anywhere to anywhere, anytime, worldwide,

Now Mirial ClearSea, the mobile video / visual calling experts in the very field has SIP/H.323 video conferencing solution to make seamless, live and real-time video calls on iPad 2, it takes full advantage of dual cameras on iPad and while the video call conference one can switch over the cameras,

Mirial ClearSea is known as the software-only personal / HD mobile video conferencing / first professional video conferencing provider for softwares like Apple's iOS and for Android based devices too, and also to any standards based H-323/SIP gadgets ...

You Tube video: Sip/H.323 Video Calls on iPad 2 {front camera on iPad 2's 3-tap permits to switch to back camera...}

Motorola Atrix 4G & Dell Streak: Video Calling: Fring

Motorola Atrix 4G and Dell Streak's Mobile Video Calling by Fring mVOIP

Fring the specialists in the DVQ (Dynamic Video Quality) mobile video calling (mobile VOIP or mVOIP) has a 'special request' to you to get Fring video calling over your Motorola Atrix 4G (dual core mobile phone with online computer power, it also has a webtop application / smart dock which makes this cell phone so special and a good smart phone) and / or Dell Streak, mobile pocket tablet,

Get your APK from Fring to make Fring to Fring unlimited free video calls over Dell Streak or Motorola Atrix 4G smart mobile now.

{.apk file extensions simply denotes the Android package (APK) file this is JAR format}.

Skype Free Credit Vouchers & WIFI in Japan

Skype.jp is giving away free Skype credit vouchers (¥80 = $1 value) to registered Japanese Skype users and also is opening its WIFI hotspot Skype Access (till March19, 2011) to be used for free in Japan as a measure of worldwide sympathy to our counterparts living in the Japan!

Redeem the Skype free calls voucher by April 17, 2011 for sure, which the Japan Skype users will receive in their registered Skype email ID,which will surely come by March 18, 2011, in your inbox,

Be sure Skype credit is all free and complimentary and Skype VOIP will not and never charge you for this free calls credit,

Japanese people can surf internet with Skype free WIFI hotspots access and can make VOIP calls or do any desired deed over the net, also with Skype free credit voucher they may call there family, friends, near or dears locally or anywhere living in the world, overseas or so, they also can make Video calls over the net,

Skype is world's biggest VOIP calls provider in terms of its worldwide customers and is always free to call SKYPE TO SKYPE over its voice or video calls with excellent quality and they may be local, long distance or international, over web, mobile, 3G, iPhone or WIFI etc.

USA-Puerto Rico to Japan Free Calls-SMS by AT&T and Verizon Wireless

After Rebtel, Fring, Time Warner etc, the AT&T also announced the free calls to Japan over its network,

From US & Puerto Rico to Japan the international phone calls and SMS (texting) will be free till March end, 2011,

Verizon Wireless just now announced in a Tweet to give away free calling and free sms to Japan to its US subscribers,

Thank You AT&T, Verizon Wireless for a great humanitarian cause!

Donate Money via Cell Phone to Japan Tsunami Sufferers

Love Japan (Nippon / Nihon)? The land of the rising Sun and an example of the extreme courage to the world!

Tsunami & 8.9 Richter scale Earthquake had blown away the Japan, we can help them by sending money / donations via cell phone instantly using