Woman Breast Milk Ice Cream: Baby Gaga in London

Yummy Ice Cream made of sweet milk from Woman (Female) Breasts!

When you travel London next time, do not forget to eat delicious and cool Baby Gaga ice cream specially prepared for your tongue, its purely made from a lady's milk : ) and there is really no technical thing about this, this is for real and not a joke,

Yep, an ice cream is ready now prepared from the fresh human (lady's) breast milk, you can eat or taste delicious ice cream flavors in this are: Mint choco chip and also Raspberry ripple,

Eat female's breast milk ice cream in London's Covent Garden ice-creamists parlor,

Thanks to Victoria Hiley, 35 years, mom, a female from Leeds to donate her precious breast milk (30 fluid ounces) for the very noble lactation cause, and of-course the milk got extracted using the breast pumps : ) now do not ask me the complete procedure ; ) I really do not know : (

...If the adults would feel the aroma and taste to be good of female breast, milk ice cream, than perhaps this would enhance the children breastfeeding worldwide, this is the moral it seems??

Enjoy the Baby Gaga: lady breast milk ice candy with a taste! Hummm...

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