Unlimited Free Cell to Cell Calls: AT&T to Any Mobile Network

Feb 10 could be the historic Thursday for many Americans as AT&T has just announced its UNLIMITED FREE CELL TO CELL PHONE CALLS and text messaging initiating from its own network i.e. AT&T to any mobile providers' network, it means the AT&T users can make free calls virtually to any mobile phone in the US of A!

The specially created monthly and daily AT&T plans to make free calls and SMS in US, send picture text, unlimited text to Mexico etc will not count the expensive phone minutes, the unlimited text add-on plans would range from USD 20 to 30 per month and unlimited 'free' calls would go from USD 39.99 to 109.99 a month upto 5 lines (individual plans or the family talk),

FYI: Sprint Nextel in the USA also provides such unlimited cell to cell calling, where the call terminates with any mobile telecom provider,

This is official now from AT&T that in USA phone calls and text messages / SMS are free mobile to mobile AT&T to any telecom operator's network after selecting a flat rate plan : )

This could lead AT&T somewhat in par with VOIP providers, as the VOIP calls are free or cheap but need a WIFI / 3G or internet broadband data plan and AT&T's free calling is mobile phone to mobile phone so this is much hassle free and do not depends on internet connectivity or WIFI hotpots, people love hassle free life and cell to cell free calling is like a charm for all of us,

Recently Apple iPhone 4 comes to Verizon too and to retain its customers AT&T has to working hard and to add new mobile customers as well, AT&T is doing its best, as we can see ...

Traditional PSTN / Mobile Telephony is going under immense pressure of providing free to cheap unlimited calls from VOIP providers on one hand and a cut throat competition among themselves too like to provide best value added services (VAS), trouble free calling network with no or minimum call drops, crystal clear voice and ultimately best suitable plan for the pocket of the consumers : ) and introducing best cell phone handsets as after 3G, LTE its turn of 4G which has grounded in the land of USA and is soon spreading its wing,

...Technology is evolving and communication is fast, the consumer is the King as free & the quality are the key words now any telco who is free and can provide quality for the money value holds the key to success ...

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