Tag Wireless Device: WIFI, NFC, BlueTooth App, No GPS: ToothTag App for Android Mobiles

Tag any Wireless gadget, works with WIFI, Near-Field-Communication (NFC), BlueTooth App, No GPS: ToothTag App for Android Smart Mobiles,

The ToothTag tracking a device app is designed by NeuAer, this Android app makes your Android mobile and devices more intelligent so they can easily track / locate your car, friends, tag nearby wireless devices and such things you always seek when / if you are in a hurry : ) the app simply automate the digital life from what what is detected in it's physical life,

With this wireless tagging app for Android OS, one can take control when other gadgets come into the proximity of your smart mobile,

... the app even can make forward your phone calls to the VOIP software, cell phone or to the office, just by tracking your location,

This simple but useful mobile tagging software can do some wonders, as it lets you to customize your smart phone for making smart moves, from nearly any-any wireless device(s), in the proximity,

This application is NOT based on the battery consuming Global positioning system or GPS but uses another technologies like: Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC or near-field-communication system to tag the object in the vicinity, good is that if / when any known "tagged" object moves, get closed or just move away from you, the Android app triggers an alert, drop a pin on the virtual map, and check-in on with social websites,

Currently this geo-tagging tool only supports the Android smart mobiles and devices because its development team believes that iOS platform for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and such devices are NOT TRULY multi-tasking OS, but they console iPhone, iPad users too that they are keeping tabs on the updates as and when Apple Inc. do with their mobile operating system iOS!

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