Smart Call & Skin Display: RIM Patent Seeker

A new innovation is evolving in the latest wireless and cell phone technology and this is known as: SMART CALL & SKIN DISPLAY,

… an interesting concept that EVEN attracted Research in Motion (RIM's) the Blackberry smart handset maker company from Canada to seek a patent of this future mobile technology,

Smart Call:

Smart call helps you to check your phone / voice calls even while you are in a business meeting or in the board room, it prioritizes the phone calls, depicts its mode of urgency and, of-course the nature of the phone call, all the information is attached as a TEXT message to the call and that would appear on the mobile phone screen as a message, no disturbing ringtones or vibrations to distract the attention of any body in the vicinity,

Skin Display:

... you can than 'READ' the smart call in subtle, by your ‘voice caller’ and without even looking the screen of your mobile phone, that is amazing of the wireless technology : ) you can make the print / 'impression' of the caller ID or the message on your skin / thumb in a subtle mode, no ink is ever involved, its like a brail script tattooed / printed on the skin,

… this is smart call's skin display!

SmartCall - SkinDisplay, needs a mechanism on the mobile which may translate the digital codes into the small & raised messages on cell phone's surface, then by pressing or putting a finger against that raised message, one may print the very message on the skin!

This project is designed by Vitamins design…

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