Skype-VOIP from Spain (Espana) Blocked?

Strange post surfaced on Andy Abramson's VOIP Watch, that the Skype VOIP is blocked in Spain?! Andy's attempt to make Skype VOIP call over Apple iPhone 4 over the Yoigo network did resulted in drop data connections and this was same with any SIP provider for him ...

In Barcelona, Spain the Mobile World Congress is ongoing and Skype VOIP team had already announced its free WIFI internet access to celebrate the technology mobile conference, till the conference is live there, they clearly told on their Big blog that one can use net, send mails or make free SKYPE TO SKYPE VOIP calls from Spain using its free Skype Access, a worldwide WIFI solution which is currently free in Spain to commemorate the Mobile World Congress,

UPDATE: Well, a comment appeared below Andy's post: SKYPE VOIP blocked in Spain, which clarifies that Yoigo, Vodafone etc do not permit VOIP from their networks in Spain (pre-pago or contract) if somebody wants to use the Skype or any VOIP in/from Spain than he may use another telco like MASMOVIL with SIP, HAPPYMOVIL etc,

Skype also launched the partner programme for WIFI hotspot operators, the global WIFI hotspot providers like Fon (biggest WIFI network in the world), BT Openzone (biggest WIFI hotspot provider in the UK), Tomizone (Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific WIFI provider), M3 Connect (German WIFI provider), Row 44 (in-flight broadband provider to many international flights), Skyrove (South Africa based WIFI giver), Spectrum Interactive (travel / media related WIFI giver in UK), Vex (South Africa based WIFI hotspot provider) and such will participate in Skype partner programme and will give away the internet connectivity via Skype Access, thus these global WIFI hotspot providers will earn an additional stream of revenues,

Skype VOIP's another latest announced at Spain - Barcelona (Mobile World Congress) is the Mobile partner program for telecom operators in the markets where low 3G broadband penetration, this will ease the way to bring Skype on hundreds of the mobile handsets thus will enable the mobile telcos to offer benefits to their customers,

Skype is already partnered with KDDI (Japan / Nippon), Verizon Wireless (USA), Hutchison 3 etc, this very Skype arrangement with mobile telecom operators will help for an efficient bandwidth usage, thus you would be always connected with minimum effect on the battery life of mobile handset or with minimum expense on the data usage,

Skype could be reached in App Planet > Hall 7 > Barcelona > Espana > Mobile World Congress.

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