Skype VOIP at iPhone - Verizon Wireless Free Calls

Skype the free voice calls VOIP provider to the world is all set to mark it presence on the Apple iPhone once again but this time on Apple iPhone powered by Verizon Wireless, which they said is the most reliable US carrier : )

Apple iPhone in US is not a monopoly with AT&T as recently Verizon Wireless has become an another carrier for the coveted Apple's iGadgets,

Now iPhone owners with Verizon wireless can make free worldwide Skype to Skype calls and also the video calls too on the go, over 3G or a WIFI connection,

Skype VOIP team had also worked for a few enhancements re VOIP technology thus they supports now H.264 so we can make video mobile calls to full range of Skype gadgets like Panasonic and Samsung TV too : )

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