Nexus S (Google-Android Cell): Free VOIP Video Calls: Fring

Fring the popular social mobile networking and mobile VOIP (mVOIP) provider from Israel is all set and ready to provide its VOIP calls / video calling support for Nexus-S smart cell phone from Google on Android mobile operating system,

Fring to Fring calls are free from anywhere to anywhere, anytime, any mobile, over smart cell phones, and Fring IP calling works over 3G and WIFI both networks,

To make cheap IP calls over mobiles, to other non-Fring mobiles, just use Frings Fringout service and make international VOIP calls on the go over smart cell phones,

Nexus S is a pure Android-SIP smart mobile (Gingerbread) from Google, made by Korean giant the Samsung it boasts dual cams, Hummingbird processor, this supports Internet calling and WIFI prtable hotspots, a 4 inches brilliant contour display, a dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU),

Google-Samsung, SIP, Android (Gingerbread) mobile Nexus S has (NFC) near field communication support, means Nexus S will read smart tags (something like RFID chips) on objects which has NFC chip, from any object like smart stickers, posters, mugs or tees etc,

Nexus S is unlocked by default to work with any GSM provider,

Go and make use of FRING on latest Nexus S and make free internet overseas video calls on mobile phones ... you can even make Samsung-Google Nexus-S to Apple iPhone 4 video calls with Fring mobile VOIP calls software : ) that's cool.

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