MagicJack Plus-VOIP Phone Adapter: Consumer Feedback

MagicJack Plus VoIP Adapter

MagicJack Plus-VOIP Phone Adapter: Consumer Feedback

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The tech world always begins buzzing when a new product is about to be released. After the success of the original MagicJack, there has been a substantial amount of hype surrounding the release of the MagicJack Plus. So, what’s the deal with all of the rumors about the MagicJack Plus? What are some other tech enthusiasts saying about how they think the MagicJack Plus will improve voice communication? Here’s a quick overview about some of the current consumer buzz surrounding the MagicJack Plus.

Improved Customer Service:

Historically, one of the widely criticized flaws of the original Magic-jack was its lack of customer service. Many people complained about the lack of a phone number where they could reach a live MagicJack customer service agent. When consumers were able to connect to a livechat customer service representative, sometimes it could take an hour or more of chatting to reach a higher level of support. Many consumers seem to be hoping that with the release of the MagicJack Plus, this will also encourage the company to re-evaluate its customer service, and begin providing more interactive support. However pundits say that this simply isn't possible at a rate of $19.95 a year for service. It seems as though customers are doomed do deal with bad customer service in exchange for the incredibly low rate.

PC-Free Calls:

It seems that the most-hyped feature of the MagicJack Plus is its ability to make phone calls without a PC. Since not every PC was able to run the MagicJack software (which was required for making calls), this may open up a new market for the MagicJack Plus. For the MagicJack users who aren’t very tech-savvy, the MagicJack Plus requires much less computer knowledge in order to get the device up and running. Of course using it still does require the use of a broadband Internet connection, something that a good number of Americans still don't have.

Improved Voice Quality:

Thousands of MagicJack customers have submitted feedback about the quality of their calls with the original MagicJack. When the MagicJack Plus was announced, this caused many consumers to begin hoping that the quality of their calls would improve with the new device. Though the original MagicJack worked for the majority of its customers, some people reported problems such as dropped calls, annoying static, poor quality and confusing errors. With the MagicJack Plus, many people were hoping that the company will address these problems and they have. The new magic Jack plus is equipped with some all new voice recognition software that allows for HD sound quality and the ability to totally eliminate issues with voice echoing during calls.

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