iPhone Dermatoscope App: Screen Skin Cancer & Moles: Teledermatology: Foto Finder

Convert your Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 into a digital HANDYSCOPE Dermatoscope with Apple iTunes App: Tele-dermatology: Foto Finder

Cancer is a fatal human cell disease and if it is detected in its early stages, many types of Cancers can be cured,

Skin cancer (moles) now can be detected by a camera attachment + an app over Apple iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 with Handyscope, thanks to the Foto Finder mobile skin cancer technology from Germany!

... They had successfully blended the teledermatology with latest in the wireless communication technology with a sophisticated tool to detect the skin cancer or screening it,

This is a German Gmbh medical innovation and breakthrough in Teledermatology (where the medicine blends with the latest handheld communication technologies), now one can screen or check using hus Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch any moles or the things if they are going to be the dreaded skin cancer?!

This app comes for USD11.99 in Apple iTunes store, but the cost of the digital dermatoscope is whopping and approx USD 1600,


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skin cancer treatments Los Angeles said...

I just read that their is a report to be released in the British Journal of Dermatology says a team of scientists in Australia have found that the sap from euphorbia peplus—or milkweed, a common weed—may help cure non-melanoma skin cancers.

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