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Apple iPad 2 VOIP - It would have free FaceTime video calling:

Apple Inc. is now all set to unveil the latest version of its Go-World-Crazy-Jesus' tablet computer, the iPAD2 this coming March 2,

Apple iPad (1) is a big hit worldwide and in USA, now Apple iPad 2 is following its predecessor and would boast the latest of the tablets technology including the native in-built VOIP free unlimited video calling client the Facetime, currently Apple's Facetime video calls works over WIFI only and with coming times they may embrace the 3G cellular networks too anytime, anyday,

With Facetime video calls one can make free and unlimited WIFI video / audio calls (local, long distance, overseas from anywhere to anywhere, even from an airplane) in-between Apple iPhone 4, iPod Touch generation 4, Mac and now latest version of Apple iPad 2 which would have the two cameras, front and rear, retina display etc to make VOIP free video calls,

Skype VOIP would also restructure their VOIP app in the iTunes store to make it compatible with iPad 2 video calling and many VOIP app providers like Fring, Truphone etc too would soon release VOIP apps for this latest tablet PC, Apple iPad 2,

The size of the iPad 2 screen too will be reduced, iPad 2 would be slim down to make it handier and the user friendly, it may have a USB port (hot rumour now),

Wait for the Apple gala event (sorry, its an invitation-only event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, The USA ) March 2, 2011 and witness the unveiling / making of the history live with un-boxing & unfolding of Apple iPad 2.

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