Free VOIP - FaceBook Friend Chat on iPhone-iPad-iPod Touch-Web

FaceBook Friend Chat on iPhone-iPad-iPod Touch-Web
FaceBook Friend Chat 
Call Your FaceBook Friends for Free with this VOIP app, where they are, presenting unlimited free international audio calls, this saves your calling minutes thus money:

FaceBook Messenger CrispApp is an application ($2.99) which is out here, see YouTube video demo which combines the Facebook friends' chat along with free VOIP voice calling with your Facebook friends as and whenever they come online over web, Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch,

With Facebook messenger VOIP app one can always stay in touch of his / her online friends, using VOIP free calls, one can talk easily with one another,

The Crispapp to make VOIP free calls over Facebook friends connects millions of the Facebook users within seconds and presents the most demanding free international voice calling service which Facebook even lacks today : ) this is really a cool app for the Facebook users around the world to make free long distance calls,

Use this VOIP calling app over web, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad etc and connect to the friends' mystical virtual world of social network: The Facebook!

FACEBOOK: is the largest of all online social networking in the world as of now, even it is ahead of the search giant Google in the USA as of now,


Voice of Internet protocol / broadband telephony / IP calling / web calling / or it could have such other names, simply denotes the untraditional voice phone calls using the internet thus making long distance / overseas calling very low cost or even free, like to VOIP calls are always free in the world from anywhere to anywhere, anytime, any day over web or mobile phones, iPhone etc.

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