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Hotmail to FaceBook Chat
Hotmail to FaceBook Chat 
Hotmail to FaceBook Chat from Inbox:

Social online Facebook friends' chat is now freely available for all on the FaceBook, on Microsoft's Hotmail messenger, anywhere in the world,

While we know that Google's Gmail offers unlimited free VOIP web to phone calling in US - Canada within Gmail's email interface now Hotmail messenger also offers Facebook friends' chat our global friends anywhere until they are online and using the net and of-course hotmail, {would Hotmail also bring us live VOIP free phone calling like Gmail?}

Initially Microsoft's Facebook-Hotmail's chat (Windows Live) was only available for the six regions of the world but now its freely available for whole of the world,

... Just connect the Facebook account with Windows Live > click on CHAT WITH MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS IN MESSENGER, than MS (MicroSoft) will sync up both the accounts and would let you initiate the Facebook friends' chat just by making a click on any name of your Facebook pal! Jet-set-go ...

... Oh, one more thing, if you have Apple's iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch than you can download the free app on them to make Facebook-Hotmail Messenger friends' chat!


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