Egypt: Speak to Tweet, Without Net, Google Thanks to You

A strong civil unrest against President Mr. Hosni Mubarak is going-on in the nation of oldest civilization, nation of Mummies & Pyramids, the country which has flourished with the World's oldest human & ancient civilization: The Egypt (capital: Cairo),

Nearly all the communication channels for the common people are being disrupted / blocked like internet, mobile phones etc, the country Egypt is basically being separated from the rest of the world for any news or telecommunications,

But here comes the Google, which has devised a technological way to microblog: Tweet (Twitter) only by speaking on a phone and there is no need to connect with an internet connection,

Google in association with Twitter and SayNow (acquired by Google, a startup for online social voice provider) has arranged to make a Tweet by leaving a voice message on one of the three phone numbers: this is SPEAK-TO-TWEET service, thanks to Google and SayNow.

So leave your voice message for a Tweet on these phone numbers:

+16504194196; +390662207294 or +97316199855

The messages would be posted to Twitter with a hashtag #egypt

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