Blackberry, iPhone VoIP Free Calling App by Rebtel is a Sweden based name in mobile free and cheap VOIP international calls, they provide free international calls within 50+ 'Rebtel Countries' and cheap overseas call to whole of the world,

The good thing is that Rebtel calling could be done over mobile phone with NO need of a PC, Internet, broadband, WIFI or VOIP adapters etc, it's just straight and simple phone to phone calling with no hassle, easy than Skype : )

Rebtel offers its calling app for Android devices, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and now is also available for the RIM's Blackberry mobiles, now you can make free Rebtel VOIP calls on Blackberry mobile in 50+ countries and send cheap SMS too, and to rest of the world can place low cost voice phone calls,

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Free WIFI VOIP Calls over RIM Blackberry mobiles

There would be no more hangup calls as Rebtel's mobile VOIP technology ensure and automates the incoming voice calls from Rebtel friends and turns them into into free calls ... it does not matters that from which phone they are calling from ...


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