Blackberry, iPhone VoIP Free Calling App by Rebtel is a Sweden based name in mobile free and cheap VOIP international calls, they provide free international calls within 50+ 'Rebtel Countries' and cheap overseas call to whole of the world,

The good thing is that Rebtel calling could be done over mobile phone with NO need of a PC, Internet, broadband, WIFI or VOIP adapters etc, it's just straight and simple phone to phone calling with no hassle, easy than Skype : )

Rebtel offers its calling app for Android devices, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and now is also available for the RIM's Blackberry mobiles, now you can make free Rebtel VOIP calls on Blackberry mobile in 50+ countries and send cheap SMS too, and to rest of the world can place low cost voice phone calls,

Must Read:

Free WIFI VOIP Calls over RIM Blackberry mobiles

There would be no more hangup calls as Rebtel's mobile VOIP technology ensure and automates the incoming voice calls from Rebtel friends and turns them into into free calls ... it does not matters that from which phone they are calling from ...


Rebtel mVOIP: AT&T Moto Atrix by MobileCrunch GiveAway

MobileCrunch in association with Rebtel mobile VOIP (Sweden based) is giving away a brand new AT&T Motorola Atrix smart mobile,

The last date is Monday Feb 28, 2011 to enter the free sweep-stake, just make a quick comment and be nice to animals to take part and win in this free mobile contest,

This Motorola's Atrix comes with AT&T and can be used anywhere in the world with a local SIM ...

Woman Breast Milk Ice Cream: Baby Gaga in London

Yummy Ice Cream made of sweet milk from Woman (Female) Breasts!

When you travel London next time, do not forget to eat delicious and cool Baby Gaga ice cream specially prepared for your tongue, its purely made from a lady's milk : ) and there is really no technical thing about this, this is for real and not a joke,

Yep, an ice cream is ready now prepared from the fresh human (lady's) breast milk, you can eat or taste delicious ice cream flavors in this are: Mint choco chip and also Raspberry ripple,

Eat female's breast milk ice cream in London's Covent Garden ice-creamists parlor,

Thanks to Victoria Hiley, 35 years, mom, a female from Leeds to donate her precious breast milk (30 fluid ounces) for the very noble lactation cause, and of-course the milk got extracted using the breast pumps : ) now do not ask me the complete procedure ; ) I really do not know : (

...If the adults would feel the aroma and taste to be good of female breast, milk ice cream, than perhaps this would enhance the children breastfeeding worldwide, this is the moral it seems??

Enjoy the Baby Gaga: lady breast milk ice candy with a taste! Hummm...

Tag Wireless Device: WIFI, NFC, BlueTooth App, No GPS: ToothTag App for Android Mobiles

Tag any Wireless gadget, works with WIFI, Near-Field-Communication (NFC), BlueTooth App, No GPS: ToothTag App for Android Smart Mobiles,

The ToothTag tracking a device app is designed by NeuAer, this Android app makes your Android mobile and devices more intelligent so they can easily track / locate your car, friends, tag nearby wireless devices and such things you always seek when / if you are in a hurry : ) the app simply automate the digital life from what what is detected in it's physical life,

With this wireless tagging app for Android OS, one can take control when other gadgets come into the proximity of your smart mobile,

... the app even can make forward your phone calls to the VOIP software, cell phone or to the office, just by tracking your location,

This simple but useful mobile tagging software can do some wonders, as it lets you to customize your smart phone for making smart moves, from nearly any-any wireless device(s), in the proximity,

This application is NOT based on the battery consuming Global positioning system or GPS but uses another technologies like: Bluetooth, WIFI, NFC or near-field-communication system to tag the object in the vicinity, good is that if / when any known "tagged" object moves, get closed or just move away from you, the Android app triggers an alert, drop a pin on the virtual map, and check-in on with social websites,

Currently this geo-tagging tool only supports the Android smart mobiles and devices because its development team believes that iOS platform for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and such devices are NOT TRULY multi-tasking OS, but they console iPhone, iPad users too that they are keeping tabs on the updates as and when Apple Inc. do with their mobile operating system iOS!

Select Contact, Generate QR Code, iPhone Share App

Generate QR Code, iPhone Share App
Generate QR Code, iPhone Share App
Apple's gadgets (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) along with its iTunes app store is a whole new world which can bring life to any guy of the real world, either sick, in depression or even he is healthy : ) they are simply amazing,

Here is a nice app, EASY SHARE, in which you can manage and share your contacts: select a contact, generate QR codes, and share / export them to the world (but at the both ends this app should be downloaded)

... the iPhone share app has a QR code generator and a QR code scanner to read the QR, just scan the iPhone screen with your Apple iPhone cam and export the details to any other iPhone.

Stop Alarm Beep by Voice: iPhone Apps

Stop Alarm Beep by Voice: iPhone Apps
Stop Alarm Beep by Voice: iPhone Apps
How to Stop Alarm Beep by Voice: iPhone Apps

Turn off Alarm clock by a shout or or your voice saying anything to stop the ringing alarm bell, now Apple iTunes Store has an app to do this help for us, while in the morning sleep, do not try to find out / track / locate where your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is being in the hide, just when alarm clock make a beep or noise, yell / shout it to stop it : )

... If you are getting trouble to take your sleep / insomniac, than play count the Sheep game on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch using this app and get a good sleep,

... take a wake up test with this Apple mobile app to test that if you are still in a sleep! Huh! Ok if you are awaken than tell the world via Twitter / Facebook that you are not sleeping now and started your day : ) {seems true that, man is born free but every where he is in chains : )}, the online things are taking our life for the granted, it seems : )

This alarm app is just new in the iTunes thus you could grab it just for $0.99 introductory discount of 50% ...

Apple iPad 2 - VOIP Video Calls - Facetime

Apple iPad 2 VOIP - It would have free FaceTime video calling:

Apple Inc. is now all set to unveil the latest version of its Go-World-Crazy-Jesus' tablet computer, the iPAD2 this coming March 2,

Apple iPad (1) is a big hit worldwide and in USA, now Apple iPad 2 is following its predecessor and would boast the latest of the tablets technology including the native in-built VOIP free unlimited video calling client the Facetime, currently Apple's Facetime video calls works over WIFI only and with coming times they may embrace the 3G cellular networks too anytime, anyday,

With Facetime video calls one can make free and unlimited WIFI video / audio calls (local, long distance, overseas from anywhere to anywhere, even from an airplane) in-between Apple iPhone 4, iPod Touch generation 4, Mac and now latest version of Apple iPad 2 which would have the two cameras, front and rear, retina display etc to make VOIP free video calls,

Skype VOIP would also restructure their VOIP app in the iTunes store to make it compatible with iPad 2 video calling and many VOIP app providers like Fring, Truphone etc too would soon release VOIP apps for this latest tablet PC, Apple iPad 2,

The size of the iPad 2 screen too will be reduced, iPad 2 would be slim down to make it handier and the user friendly, it may have a USB port (hot rumour now),

Wait for the Apple gala event (sorry, its an invitation-only event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, The USA ) March 2, 2011 and witness the unveiling / making of the history live with un-boxing & unfolding of Apple iPad 2.

FaceBook Chat in Hotmail Windows Live

Hotmail to FaceBook Chat
Hotmail to FaceBook Chat 
Hotmail to FaceBook Chat from Inbox:

Social online Facebook friends' chat is now freely available for all on the FaceBook, on Microsoft's Hotmail messenger, anywhere in the world,

While we know that Google's Gmail offers unlimited free VOIP web to phone calling in US - Canada within Gmail's email interface now Hotmail messenger also offers Facebook friends' chat our global friends anywhere until they are online and using the net and of-course hotmail, {would Hotmail also bring us live VOIP free phone calling like Gmail?}

Initially Microsoft's Facebook-Hotmail's chat (Windows Live) was only available for the six regions of the world but now its freely available for whole of the world,

... Just connect the Facebook account with Windows Live > click on CHAT WITH MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS IN MESSENGER, than MS (MicroSoft) will sync up both the accounts and would let you initiate the Facebook friends' chat just by making a click on any name of your Facebook pal! Jet-set-go ...

... Oh, one more thing, if you have Apple's iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch than you can download the free app on them to make Facebook-Hotmail Messenger friends' chat!

Fring Free Calls Credit for 1 Month: mVOIP

Fring, the Israel based innovative DYNAMIC VIDEO QUALITY mobile app, the (mVOIP) mobile VOIP: free audio / video calls, IM, live mobile chat etc. provider and the cell phone social networking guys are offering free VOIP call credit - FringOut - for one month to make free OVERSEAS calls over smart mobile phones,

Fring's free VOIP worldwide calls giveaway would last till March 1, 2011 and is only available for Nokia, Android and Apple iPhone FringOUT's users.


What is Fring's latest DVQ mobile video calling on the go?

Congrats Skype VOIP! 29 Million at a Time

Skype the world's biggest FREE VOIP CALLS PROVIDER (audio / video) has done it, they have achieved 29 million concurrent registered global customers at a time online (on PC / CELL PHONES / iPhone / TV / PDAs etc.) to make / receive VOIP calls and / or Skype text messages, Congratulations! Skype team, say it with flowers!!!

Mobile Video Call Without Front Camera

How to make mobile Video Call Without Front Camera

Make mobile video calls on the go even your cell phone do not has a front facing camera, yes its very possible with Vainworks Stand,

Watch how to make a video call with a Vainworks stand / cell phone having no front cam: YouTube Video,

Using Vainworks over your single camera cell phone you can make a mobile video call with number of video calling software like Skype, Fring, Tango, Yahoo etc with many more to come,

Enjoy the mobile phone hands free video calls, self-photography and Vlogging now!

Watch World Cup ICC Cricket Live iPhone Apps: Free

Live streaming cricket on mobile
Live streaming cricket on mobile
Watch Live Stream ICC World Cup Cricket on iPhone Mobile Phone:

Hey Cricket is the game of sports and that is also of the sentiments, it is rather a game of passion and spirits in the Indian subcontinent and when ICC world cup Cricket comes after 4 years, it makes crazy to every body there ...

Well watch live stream of cricket world cup 2011 on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch screen for free using many apps available in the Apple iTunes store:

1. ICC Cricket world cup app: This is a free and official cricket app by stats LLC, and exclusive cricket videos, ball by ball updates,

2. ICC-WC-2011 App: Watch cricket world cup, ball by ball, a 0.99$ cricket in Apple iTunes store for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch,

3. ESPNCRICINFO: Official ESPN cricket matches app for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, its a free app, presents dedicated cricket world cup exclusive stats on your iPhone, iPad, iPod,

4. NDTV Cricket App

5. ECB Cricket app for iPhone, Android devices, Symbian mobiles,

6. Yahoo Cricket app for Symbian, for iPhone app ...

If you know more such mobile apps to watch live stream cricket, pl do comment here, enjoy ...

Free VOIP - FaceBook Friend Chat on iPhone-iPad-iPod Touch-Web

FaceBook Friend Chat on iPhone-iPad-iPod Touch-Web
FaceBook Friend Chat 
Call Your FaceBook Friends for Free with this VOIP app, where they are, presenting unlimited free international audio calls, this saves your calling minutes thus money:

FaceBook Messenger CrispApp is an application ($2.99) which is out here, see YouTube video demo which combines the Facebook friends' chat along with free VOIP voice calling with your Facebook friends as and whenever they come online over web, Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch,

With Facebook messenger VOIP app one can always stay in touch of his / her online friends, using VOIP free calls, one can talk easily with one another,

The Crispapp to make VOIP free calls over Facebook friends connects millions of the Facebook users within seconds and presents the most demanding free international voice calling service which Facebook even lacks today : ) this is really a cool app for the Facebook users around the world to make free long distance calls,

Use this VOIP calling app over web, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad etc and connect to the friends' mystical virtual world of social network: The Facebook!

FACEBOOK: is the largest of all online social networking in the world as of now, even it is ahead of the search giant Google in the USA as of now,


Voice of Internet protocol / broadband telephony / IP calling / web calling / or it could have such other names, simply denotes the untraditional voice phone calls using the internet thus making long distance / overseas calling very low cost or even free, like to VOIP calls are always free in the world from anywhere to anywhere, anytime, any day over web or mobile phones, iPhone etc.

Fring Mobile Video Calls - VOIP: Finger Break Dance

Its a cool and pretty video from Fring the mobile VOIP team, depicts the finger break dancing in front of mobile video calls over Apple iPhone and Android mobiles on both of the ends, the music is Uncle-O "Bounce" ...

Enjoy fingers break dance on Fring mVOIP.

Cheap VoIP Calls for Android Users: MO-Call

London – Morodo has just updated their popular MO-Call application for the Android with VoIP, which enables MO-Call users to make cheap VoIP calls to anyone in the world.

From today, Android users will be able to enjoy the full range of MO-Call features, including cheap local and international VoIP calling, sending low-cost SMS text messages, improved usability and a brand new user interface.

The MO-Call currently supports over 150 different models from various manufacturers running the Android platform and well over 2,170 mobile devices, which spans across BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, Java, and Windows Mobile platform.

The announcement by Morodo represents a continued endorsement of VoIP as a mainstream mobile communication platform. Andrew Reid, CEO of Morodo says:

“We’re pleased to launch the latest MO-Call update for the Android platform as it comes at a time where more and more users are looking for alternative ways to minimize their calling costs. We are excited to welcome new and existing Android users to download or update to the latest MO-Call version.”

To update to the latest version, users can download from the MO-Call website or download from the Android marketplace by searching for “MO-Call”.

About Morodo

Seeking to re-define the way we communicate via mobile devices and the Internet, Morodo helps people keep in touch with whomever they want, whenever they want, from any device they want.

Morodo provides telecommunications services to hundreds of thousands of people around the world through the MO-Call software applications for mobiles and computers. Simple and seamless to use, MO-Call offers easy access to free and low-cost calling for anyone, anywhere.

Morodo news is available at the company website:

MO-Call specific related news is available from the MO-Call blog

Media and Blogger Contact:

Ving Chou (e-mail: [email protected])

Morodo Limited

CallArc Free Calls Sends Spam EMail Bombing

The Callarc hyped themselves as one of the biggest free phone calls provider on the Earth, but just now they had bombarded / mass emailing my inbox (email sent from: [email protected]) with 115 same emails, they are bombing / sending junk emails and doing spamming, in the 'TO' field of their email they had filled hundreds of email IDs, thus making all of their privacy hurt?! What are they people doing, has putted Google Adsense on their site, but we know the spamming is against the Google webmaster rules and that of Adsense too, and Google might be taking a serious note for this email bombing?

Callarc, this is the bad and negative online marketing practices, its a crime too, just stop this.


CallArc clarifies in response to this post:


Thank you and we are more than happy if you could publish clarifications regarding the matter. We are here to provide customers with alternative methods to expensive international calls and CallArc is very happy to have your support. FYI - we are now testing Web Phone Dialer. It is available on our website. This solution should hopefully benefit our Indian customers unable to make calls due to port blocking.

Thank you for all your help. We appreciate the support


----- Original Message -----
From: CallArc Support
To: Piyush Kumar
Sent: Friday, February 18, 2011 6:35 PM
Subject: Re: CallArc Spam Blog

Hi Piyush,
We apologize for the issue. The error is due to technical glitch in upgrading of our mailing scripts (PhpMailer). It was not deliberate attempt to send emails to hundreds of our customers with open email address in the "TO" field. We have never sent our spam to any of our customers in the past (unsolicited) emails. I do apologize for the inconveniences caused.


----- Original Message -----
From: Info
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 10:56 PM
Subject: CallArc Spam Blog


We have read your post on CallArc Spam. CallArc would like to clarify few
things. We do not engage in spam or give out personal emails and other
details to third parties. Customers can choose to opt in to surveys in lieu
of credit and by providing their information and agreeing to the terms and
conditions of the survey, the customer acknowledges release of their
information to the survey provider. In your article you state that CallArc
is violating it's privacy agreement. If for any reason you have received more
than 1 email we apologize. This may be due to email malfunction with our
email sending provider and we are looking into this matter. It is not our
intent to mass email all our customers revealing the identity of our
customers. As you are in the technology blog business I am sure you are
aware that technical malfunctions do occur.

CallArc is ads free calling service and it is naturally to have ads on the

Best Regards

Call Egypt Free From USA: QT Talk

Free Phone Calls to Egypt from USA:

QT Talk the leading provider residential business, mobile and international long distance is giving away USD 5 worth voice calls for free from USA to Egypt in the wake of latest political turmoil in the Egypt recently,

Send a text message to 64842 by entering EGYPT, and you will receive $5 to make free international phone calls to Egypt from the United States of America,

FaceBook for SIM, Gemalto: Use FaceBook on any Cell Phone

SIM Card that embeds FaceBook Friends - (FaceBook for SIM)

Biggest online social network of our times: The Facebook is all embedded now on a mobile phone SIM by Gemalto (Euronext NL 0000400653 GTO),

Gemalto the Dutch world leader in the digital security has devised a GSM cell phone technology that made Facebook available to each and every one who has a mobile phone irrespective of the fact that his phone is 'smart' or a simple one, or whatsoever the subscription plan one uses, so anybody now can stay connected to their Facebook friends on the go!

Skype-VOIP from Spain (Espana) Blocked?

Strange post surfaced on Andy Abramson's VOIP Watch, that the Skype VOIP is blocked in Spain?! Andy's attempt to make Skype VOIP call over Apple iPhone 4 over the Yoigo network did resulted in drop data connections and this was same with any SIP provider for him ...

In Barcelona, Spain the Mobile World Congress is ongoing and Skype VOIP team had already announced its free WIFI internet access to celebrate the technology mobile conference, till the conference is live there, they clearly told on their Big blog that one can use net, send mails or make free SKYPE TO SKYPE VOIP calls from Spain using its free Skype Access, a worldwide WIFI solution which is currently free in Spain to commemorate the Mobile World Congress,

UPDATE: Well, a comment appeared below Andy's post: SKYPE VOIP blocked in Spain, which clarifies that Yoigo, Vodafone etc do not permit VOIP from their networks in Spain (pre-pago or contract) if somebody wants to use the Skype or any VOIP in/from Spain than he may use another telco like MASMOVIL with SIP, HAPPYMOVIL etc,

Skype also launched the partner programme for WIFI hotspot operators, the global WIFI hotspot providers like Fon (biggest WIFI network in the world), BT Openzone (biggest WIFI hotspot provider in the UK), Tomizone (Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific WIFI provider), M3 Connect (German WIFI provider), Row 44 (in-flight broadband provider to many international flights), Skyrove (South Africa based WIFI giver), Spectrum Interactive (travel / media related WIFI giver in UK), Vex (South Africa based WIFI hotspot provider) and such will participate in Skype partner programme and will give away the internet connectivity via Skype Access, thus these global WIFI hotspot providers will earn an additional stream of revenues,

Skype VOIP's another latest announced at Spain - Barcelona (Mobile World Congress) is the Mobile partner program for telecom operators in the markets where low 3G broadband penetration, this will ease the way to bring Skype on hundreds of the mobile handsets thus will enable the mobile telcos to offer benefits to their customers,

Skype is already partnered with KDDI (Japan / Nippon), Verizon Wireless (USA), Hutchison 3 etc, this very Skype arrangement with mobile telecom operators will help for an efficient bandwidth usage, thus you would be always connected with minimum effect on the battery life of mobile handset or with minimum expense on the data usage,

Skype could be reached in App Planet > Hall 7 > Barcelona > Espana > Mobile World Congress.

MagicJack Plus-VOIP Phone Adapter: Consumer Feedback

MagicJack Plus VoIP Adapter

MagicJack Plus-VOIP Phone Adapter: Consumer Feedback

This is a Guest post by an anonymous writer, if you too want to write guest post for Talkfree7 VOIP Blog than pl read Guest Post guidelines:

The tech world always begins buzzing when a new product is about to be released. After the success of the original MagicJack, there has been a substantial amount of hype surrounding the release of the MagicJack Plus. So, what’s the deal with all of the rumors about the MagicJack Plus? What are some other tech enthusiasts saying about how they think the MagicJack Plus will improve voice communication? Here’s a quick overview about some of the current consumer buzz surrounding the MagicJack Plus.

Improved Customer Service:

Historically, one of the widely criticized flaws of the original Magic-jack was its lack of customer service. Many people complained about the lack of a phone number where they could reach a live MagicJack customer service agent. When consumers were able to connect to a livechat customer service representative, sometimes it could take an hour or more of chatting to reach a higher level of support. Many consumers seem to be hoping that with the release of the MagicJack Plus, this will also encourage the company to re-evaluate its customer service, and begin providing more interactive support. However pundits say that this simply isn't possible at a rate of $19.95 a year for service. It seems as though customers are doomed do deal with bad customer service in exchange for the incredibly low rate.

PC-Free Calls:

It seems that the most-hyped feature of the MagicJack Plus is its ability to make phone calls without a PC. Since not every PC was able to run the MagicJack software (which was required for making calls), this may open up a new market for the MagicJack Plus. For the MagicJack users who aren’t very tech-savvy, the MagicJack Plus requires much less computer knowledge in order to get the device up and running. Of course using it still does require the use of a broadband Internet connection, something that a good number of Americans still don't have.

Improved Voice Quality:

Thousands of MagicJack customers have submitted feedback about the quality of their calls with the original MagicJack. When the MagicJack Plus was announced, this caused many consumers to begin hoping that the quality of their calls would improve with the new device. Though the original MagicJack worked for the majority of its customers, some people reported problems such as dropped calls, annoying static, poor quality and confusing errors. With the MagicJack Plus, many people were hoping that the company will address these problems and they have. The new magic Jack plus is equipped with some all new voice recognition software that allows for HD sound quality and the ability to totally eliminate issues with voice echoing during calls.

Skype 5.2 (Beta) Windows: VOIP - Download it Free Now

Skype the largest VOIP free calls provider in the world has released its Skype beta version for Windows with lots of new features, you can download it free now, and like ever start making Skype to Skype free calls or Skype to non-Skype cheap international calls,

As the Skype 5.2 for Windows is in its beta version thus may be have some tech glitches, but holds lots of novelties like: the new presence icons, a new handling of calling attempts made while a user has run out of his credit and also an improved access to sharing functionality etc.

iPhone: AT&T Giving Free Loyalty Minutes

Apple iPhone rings now with AT&T and Verizon wireless networks in USA, and AT&T is giving away 1000 free extra LOYALTY rollover minutes to its loyal iPhone customers as a gesture of thanks,

... like anyone, AT&T too loves its customer base and perhaps do not want to loose its customer base to Verizon Wireless, thus wooing them : ) AT&T also started unlimited free mobile to mobile calling & texting plans to any US telecom network ...

Decide, in which basket do you want to place your Apple? in AT&T or Verizon Wireless?!

Boingo Unlimited WIFI Europe Plan / Access

Boingo Wireless is a known name among the the WIFI providers software and services, they charge the worldwide WIFI hotspots, now Boingo has a new unlimited WIFI access plan to trot the Europe, Middle East and Africa,

Boingo Europe Plus plan,

VOIP Watch on unlimited Boingo WI-FI Europe access plan

Valentine's Day Free Phone Call: Zipring

Make free phone calls this Valentine's Day! By Zipring

Here is the free deal exclusively for the our Blog's readers, make a free phone call this Valentines day to your hubby / valentine / sweetheart, with ZipRing!

Make Free Valentine's day phone calls in US / Canada with Google Voice & Gmail calling ...

Skype VOIP at iPhone - Verizon Wireless Free Calls

Skype the free voice calls VOIP provider to the world is all set to mark it presence on the Apple iPhone once again but this time on Apple iPhone powered by Verizon Wireless, which they said is the most reliable US carrier : )

Apple iPhone in US is not a monopoly with AT&T as recently Verizon Wireless has become an another carrier for the coveted Apple's iGadgets,

Now iPhone owners with Verizon wireless can make free worldwide Skype to Skype calls and also the video calls too on the go, over 3G or a WIFI connection,

Skype VOIP team had also worked for a few enhancements re VOIP technology thus they supports now H.264 so we can make video mobile calls to full range of Skype gadgets like Panasonic and Samsung TV too : )

Valentine's Free Ten-Way Video Chat: Download Now

Valentine's Day always bring love, sentiments, romance, gifts and chocolates for your sweet heart, but if He or She is away from you, than still you can make FREE VIDEO CHAT LIVE, real time and face to face with PalTalk video call conferencing software over PC or cell phones,

Hey! if you have lots of Valentines than with PalTalk you can make ten-way group video calls in real time, with all at once, could you dare to bring all of your honeys on a single platform, all-at once?!

You can also add free Valentine's theme to your webcam to lure your pal : )

Paltalk offers free and face to face live, real-time upto 10-way group video chatting / IM over mobile phones like Apple iPhone, RIM - Blackberry and PC etc ...

Smart Call & Skin Display: RIM Patent Seeker

A new innovation is evolving in the latest wireless and cell phone technology and this is known as: SMART CALL & SKIN DISPLAY,

… an interesting concept that EVEN attracted Research in Motion (RIM's) the Blackberry smart handset maker company from Canada to seek a patent of this future mobile technology,

Smart Call:

Smart call helps you to check your phone / voice calls even while you are in a business meeting or in the board room, it prioritizes the phone calls, depicts its mode of urgency and, of-course the nature of the phone call, all the information is attached as a TEXT message to the call and that would appear on the mobile phone screen as a message, no disturbing ringtones or vibrations to distract the attention of any body in the vicinity,

Skin Display:

... you can than 'READ' the smart call in subtle, by your ‘voice caller’ and without even looking the screen of your mobile phone, that is amazing of the wireless technology : ) you can make the print / 'impression' of the caller ID or the message on your skin / thumb in a subtle mode, no ink is ever involved, its like a brail script tattooed / printed on the skin,

… this is smart call's skin display!

SmartCall - SkinDisplay, needs a mechanism on the mobile which may translate the digital codes into the small & raised messages on cell phone's surface, then by pressing or putting a finger against that raised message, one may print the very message on the skin!

This project is designed by Vitamins design…

iPhone Dermatoscope App: Screen Skin Cancer & Moles: Teledermatology: Foto Finder

Convert your Apple iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 into a digital HANDYSCOPE Dermatoscope with Apple iTunes App: Tele-dermatology: Foto Finder

Cancer is a fatal human cell disease and if it is detected in its early stages, many types of Cancers can be cured,

Skin cancer (moles) now can be detected by a camera attachment + an app over Apple iPhone 3GS / iPhone 4 with Handyscope, thanks to the Foto Finder mobile skin cancer technology from Germany!

... They had successfully blended the teledermatology with latest in the wireless communication technology with a sophisticated tool to detect the skin cancer or screening it,

This is a German Gmbh medical innovation and breakthrough in Teledermatology (where the medicine blends with the latest handheld communication technologies), now one can screen or check using hus Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch any moles or the things if they are going to be the dreaded skin cancer?!

This app comes for USD11.99 in Apple iTunes store, but the cost of the digital dermatoscope is whopping and approx USD 1600,


Also see iPhone & iPad Radiology App: Mobile MIM

Unlimited Free Cell to Cell Calls: AT&T to Any Mobile Network

Feb 10 could be the historic Thursday for many Americans as AT&T has just announced its UNLIMITED FREE CELL TO CELL PHONE CALLS and text messaging initiating from its own network i.e. AT&T to any mobile providers' network, it means the AT&T users can make free calls virtually to any mobile phone in the US of A!

The specially created monthly and daily AT&T plans to make free calls and SMS in US, send picture text, unlimited text to Mexico etc will not count the expensive phone minutes, the unlimited text add-on plans would range from USD 20 to 30 per month and unlimited 'free' calls would go from USD 39.99 to 109.99 a month upto 5 lines (individual plans or the family talk),

FYI: Sprint Nextel in the USA also provides such unlimited cell to cell calling, where the call terminates with any mobile telecom provider,

This is official now from AT&T that in USA phone calls and text messages / SMS are free mobile to mobile AT&T to any telecom operator's network after selecting a flat rate plan : )

This could lead AT&T somewhat in par with VOIP providers, as the VOIP calls are free or cheap but need a WIFI / 3G or internet broadband data plan and AT&T's free calling is mobile phone to mobile phone so this is much hassle free and do not depends on internet connectivity or WIFI hotpots, people love hassle free life and cell to cell free calling is like a charm for all of us,

Recently Apple iPhone 4 comes to Verizon too and to retain its customers AT&T has to working hard and to add new mobile customers as well, AT&T is doing its best, as we can see ...

Traditional PSTN / Mobile Telephony is going under immense pressure of providing free to cheap unlimited calls from VOIP providers on one hand and a cut throat competition among themselves too like to provide best value added services (VAS), trouble free calling network with no or minimum call drops, crystal clear voice and ultimately best suitable plan for the pocket of the consumers : ) and introducing best cell phone handsets as after 3G, LTE its turn of 4G which has grounded in the land of USA and is soon spreading its wing,

...Technology is evolving and communication is fast, the consumer is the King as free & the quality are the key words now any telco who is free and can provide quality for the money value holds the key to success ...

SMS Printing Mobile Device: Text to Print

Text Messages Printing, Using a Mobile Gadget: Text to Print

If you love to do SMS or the texting and want that you can also print them on a paper for your records or for fun than here is a SMS printing portable device which could save your hassles and will print your text messages from cell phone to paper

FrinG (mVoIP): Valentine T-Shirt Contest, Free MO Calls: Win Now

Fring is the popular name in mVOIP solution provider for the handsets, smart mobiles and PDAs etc, they are having a contest this Valentine's day and may be you could win a cool T-Shirt, tattoos for your or for your lovely Valentine,

It's free to enter just you should have a Facebook account, use it, comment there and be in the que for a prospective win for a lovely Fring (mobile video calling) tee ...

Do not forget to make a Fring's mobile video call on Valentine Day : )

Also the MO Call VOIP is giving away $100 MO call credit this Valentines day via Facebook / Twitter contest for posting best love message ...

Technology Jokes: Wireless Fax - Communication

Jokes gives us humans, the pleasure a meaning to live life in the troubled world, and technology jokes are good for any geek, technocrat or for anyone who loves gadgets and gizmos!

A good technology joke about the 'latest innovations' in wireless and faxing technology, read this cool conversation in-between Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, British Tony Blair and US's George Bush,


Nexus S (Google-Android Cell): Free VOIP Video Calls: Fring

Fring the popular social mobile networking and mobile VOIP (mVOIP) provider from Israel is all set and ready to provide its VOIP calls / video calling support for Nexus-S smart cell phone from Google on Android mobile operating system,

Fring to Fring calls are free from anywhere to anywhere, anytime, any mobile, over smart cell phones, and Fring IP calling works over 3G and WIFI both networks,

To make cheap IP calls over mobiles, to other non-Fring mobiles, just use Frings Fringout service and make international VOIP calls on the go over smart cell phones,

Nexus S is a pure Android-SIP smart mobile (Gingerbread) from Google, made by Korean giant the Samsung it boasts dual cams, Hummingbird processor, this supports Internet calling and WIFI prtable hotspots, a 4 inches brilliant contour display, a dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU),

Google-Samsung, SIP, Android (Gingerbread) mobile Nexus S has (NFC) near field communication support, means Nexus S will read smart tags (something like RFID chips) on objects which has NFC chip, from any object like smart stickers, posters, mugs or tees etc,

Nexus S is unlocked by default to work with any GSM provider,

Go and make use of FRING on latest Nexus S and make free internet overseas video calls on mobile phones ... you can even make Samsung-Google Nexus-S to Apple iPhone 4 video calls with Fring mobile VOIP calls software : ) that's cool.

Egypt: Speak to Tweet, Without Net, Google Thanks to You

A strong civil unrest against President Mr. Hosni Mubarak is going-on in the nation of oldest civilization, nation of Mummies & Pyramids, the country which has flourished with the World's oldest human & ancient civilization: The Egypt (capital: Cairo),

Nearly all the communication channels for the common people are being disrupted / blocked like internet, mobile phones etc, the country Egypt is basically being separated from the rest of the world for any news or telecommunications,

But here comes the Google, which has devised a technological way to microblog: Tweet (Twitter) only by speaking on a phone and there is no need to connect with an internet connection,

Google in association with Twitter and SayNow (acquired by Google, a startup for online social voice provider) has arranged to make a Tweet by leaving a voice message on one of the three phone numbers: this is SPEAK-TO-TWEET service, thanks to Google and SayNow.

So leave your voice message for a Tweet on these phone numbers:

+16504194196; +390662207294 or +97316199855

The messages would be posted to Twitter with a hashtag #egypt

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