VOIP Blocked? Try Viber: UAE Free Call

VOIP Blocked? Try Viber: UAE Free Call

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Many countries block VOIP calling as it could lead to loss of revenues to their local telcos like UAE (Gulf) etc, so the population residing there has no solution but to make regular PSTN phone calls which are certainly costly over the counterpart VOIP free to cheap calls,

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But Viber is an app for Apple iPhone / iPhone 4, Android, Blackberry and Windows smart cell phones and tablets, which provides for free international calls even from UAE (Gulf) where the internet calling or VOIP calls are blocked : ) if you live in UAE and own an Apple iPhone than download Viber VOIP app to your smart Apple iPhone and start making absolutely free calls to anywhere from UAE / Dubai, yeah it works, even Du the local telecom operator in UAE says its legal and do not make a loss in revenues to them,

Viber is a legal application too to make VOIP free calls from UAE / VOIP blocked countries as it works iPhone to iPhone or M2M (machine to machine), and is different from VOIP calls from iPhone to other mobiles or landlines,

Yes, Viber VOIP app works on 3G and WIFI both so either use it on WIFI or with the data charges, better go with an unlimited data plan to use Viber on iPhone so your data charges may not cost to your pocket : )

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VPN Good Option: https://www.vpnaccounts.com/subscribe.html

YouTube video may of interest:

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