VoIP Analytics & PBX-Telecom Fraud Protection

How VOIP data analytic could reduce PBX / TELECOM fraud protection?

One of the largest problems that telecom/VoIP providers face is telecom fraud – with over $80 billion lost each year. According to surveys preformed by The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), carriers are loosing upto 4.5% of their total annual revenue to fraud, with 20% of total losses due to compromised PBX systems,

The rapidly advancing VoIP technologies and the widespread adoption of IP platforms have created an emerging market of new services and offerings – all of which create new opportunities for fraud to occur - and it has become increasingly difficult to combat sophisticated fraudsters. The integration and use of dedicated analytics & fraud detection systems has historically been the privilege of carriers only – until Humbug Telecom Labs released their free telecom analytics service a few months ago,

Humbug's Analytics makes telecommunications analytic and fraud detection accessible to everyone – small businesses, enterprises, ITSP's, and large carriers, with in-depth telecom traffic analysis, reporting, and alerting. This telephony analytics service is completely free, and puts carrier-class analysis tools in the hands of the organizations,

A simple integration with the organization’s soft-switch or PBX allows Humbug to provide real-time traffic analytics and protection from a wide range of telecommunications fraud attacks. The real added value from Humbug is their continuous aggregation of fraud patterns and information from all over the world, which provides proactive protection to systems connected to Humbug,

Over the past months we have seen businesses of all sizes being hit with phone bills up to $100,000, having no real protection or solution to this problem. Cases even include a Canadian legal firm who got hit with $207,000 in 2009,

If you are using a PBX in your business, perhaps you should consider using the free Humbug's VOIP Analytics (carrier grade/class telecom analytics in the Cloud) service.


John Chase said...

Humbug Analytics reminds me of Google Analytics, excepts its for telecom instead of websites. Looks cool!

Anonymous said...

What exactly do they do for fraud.
I have had attacks but why is this going to help?

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