Nintendo 3DS Games: 3D Camera, No Glasses Needed

Wireless gaming handheld consoles are one of the pioneers in wireless wifi gadgets & gizmos, Apple's latest iPod Touch generation 4 with Game Center, Sony's PSP, Nintendo's GameBoy, DS, DSi and now latest advent: Nintendo 3DS is a cool addition to the handheld gaming wireless consoles,

Kids as well as grown ups never mind to play online games and wireless games on these handheld consoles,

Nintendo 3DS is coming this February 26th in Japan, 2011 and would hit the US markets on March 27th and invade Europe on March 25th 2011, with approximate price tag equivalent to USD 249.99, in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black colors, Amazon is taking the pre-orders right now, it would also have a 3D camera, 3D graphics capability and one could really play cool 3D games over Nintendo 3DS with no need of any or the special glasses : )

With your new Nintendo 3DS wireless handheld game console you can shot 3D images or pictures right from your gaming console, you can play 3D games and also can view 3D movies, hey it is a cool 3 dimensional world : )

For a more intense and a true wireless experience yo can connect with SpotPass / StreetPass communication, (SpotPass is a new feature on Nintendo 3DS system which detects wireless hotspots (WIFI) / LAN access points and than communicate their info, free software, data related to game, etc even if your system is in the sleep mode) you can connect to other nearby Nintendo 3DS users, share or play with them,

Nintendo's 3DS will have two screens, CIRCLE PAD, stereoscopic 3D display of upper screen, adjustable stylus, AR Cards (6), fun software viz.: FACE RAIDERS, 3DS Sound, Mii Maker app etc., also the coolest 3D technology would be 3D depth slider button which permits you to check that how much of the 3D you wish to watch, it's something like volume button to adjust the level of volume : )

3DS Nintendo would also boast of with charging cradle, analog control, touch screen, motion and gyro censors, to react with motion and tilt of the game and console, like playing a 3D car racing game (Asphalt 3D) with motion and gyro censor could be really addictive for anyone : ) Wow!!!

The goody is that you can play your almost all old, existing Nintendo DS / DSi games on your latest Nintendo 3DS system but in 2D GRAPHICS : ( this is what they call as BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY,

There would be a built-in 3D game: FACE RAIDERS, here user can shoot any fun depiction of their or anybody's faces,

Go Mario, play 3D, AR (augmented reality) on the newest 3DS Nintendo's handheld game console ...

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