Mobile VOIP on BlackBerry - GSM

Canada based RIM's mobile Blackberry has teamed up with mobile VOIP solution provider the TRU (previously: TruPhone) to provide its mobile VOIP calling services on Blackberry,

This could be beneficial for the business travelers, globe trotters and the businesses, who always need a touch with their respective Blackberry mobile phones,

Now Tru's GSM mobile service can be used on RIM - Blackberry phones, which is immediately available for UK people and will come to many more countries later viz.: USA, AUSTRALIA, SPAIN, NETHERLANDS, HONG KONG, FRANCE, ITALY, GERMANY etc.,

The Tru - Blackberry pact will shun heavy international roaming across various nations, and the UK Blackberry users would be able now to get 3 (UK, US, Australia) or more local country numbers on their single & one SIM card : ) it would heavily cut the international roaming charges,

Make a local international call with Tru and RIM - Blackberry mobile VOIP (mVOIP) solution.

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