iPhone-ECG (EKG): Check Heart-Beat Live in Real Time

Real Time - Live ECG (EKG) App / attachment for Apple iPhone:

Apple's iPhone is not only a mobile phone but using different iPhone apps over it, the iPhone really becomes a very useful handy mobile device of our times!

Now with Seattle's Alive Cor's iPhone ECG (electro-cardiogram) / EKG system one can check or measure his heart beat / heart rate with an Apple iPhone in real time : )It is a wonder and useful consumer friendly medical technology for a layman : )

This iPhone ECG device or the app reads and measures heart beat using a pair of electrodes attached and sends communication to iPhone,

FYI: This Apple iPhone heart beat ECG recorder would make its debut in upcoming international CES 2011 (consumer electronic show 2011) in LAS VEGAS, USA!


Apple iPhone Beat Monitor app: calculates the beats per minute (BPM), just put this app over iPhone and put your Apple device on any vein of your heart or on the wrist and press start, it also calculates MHR or maximum heart rate!

Hey! never force young cuties & ladies to use this Apple iPhone ECG app to measure her heart beat / rate in front *** ; ) or you will know not only how her heart beats but also about her ALL or any OF THE 'secret lady weapons / assets viz. curves, cleavage & contours' {CCC} ; )



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