Free VOIP-PBX / SIP SoftPhone App for IPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

3CX phone (developer of Windows Soft phone and VOIP - PBX 3CX Phone system, an open standard unified communication system {UCS}) - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app is a free way to make VOIP calls over WIFI or 3G,

3CX Phone for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (in iTunes Store) is something different from other free SIP phone apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, as 3CX is an unlocked app and one can use any VOIP PBX or any VOIP provider to use this app over Apple iPhone to make free calls,

The 3CX app works on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as a SIP based VOIP-PBX / IP-PBX (as Asterisk / 3CX), like on-the-go, using this 3CX phone for iPhone one can also take phone calls to extensions over WIFI or 3G cellular network, and when you are at your office desk this iPhone app converts the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch into a desk phone without wires : ) The 3CX phone Apple app is free,

3CXPhone's toggle permits you to switchover in-between any external and any internal PBX servers, this is a free VOIP based client which does'unattended transfers, it supports SIP standards, G711 / GSM codec support and much more.

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