Free Long Distance - International Calls from USA over Cell Phone or Landline

Telephoon VOIP Blog reviewed a site a few months back: now New York Times (NYT) too confirmed about this free long distance or free international calls provider site from USA to the world using a cell phone or a landline, just hear a small ad and make a clear and hassle free phone call on the go, with no internet, VOIP or laptop or PC ever required,

Its simply free phone to phone voice calling from USA to the world, nothing to buy, no credit card numbers to reveal, no Skype to Skype free calling and nothing to do, just hear a small ad for approx. 10 minute free calls to anywhere in the world by your existing telephone : )

... using this site, you still have to pay the rate for a local calling per minute, but international or long distance leg of the phone call is free!

Even long distance calling within the USA is cheap for the Americans using this free call site, as the very site uses a local number to connect you with desired long distance call recipient : )

So try this, if you need the free phone calls, and yes, this is a good option for the students and travelers within the USA ...

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