4G-LTE: Skype Video Call on Verizon Wireless

Very soon using Skype mobile over Verizon wireless 4G LTE network / device you can make a free video call : )

The latest version of the Skype mobile VOIP software would come integrated with many 4G smartphones, HTC ThunderBolt by mid of year 2011,

These smart cell phones would have a front and a rear facing camera with Android based 4G LTE capability to make a video call on the go using Skype mobile VOIP, and of-course you would be always free to make SKYPE TO SKYPE FREE long distance, local or overseas calls,

Verizon wireless's 4G LTE will skyrocket the speed of the data wireless-ly and one could use Skype very comfortably on the go including its video calls, face to face real time instant chat : )

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