Get a Free Number for iPod Touch, Make Voice Calls like Regular Phone

How to get a Free Phone Number for Apple iPod Touch?

Apple is making waves with all of its iGadgets (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch: iOS) and specially when they are being loaded with Apps or applications available on Apple's iTunes Store : )

You know, your iPod Touch also can be used as a cell phone for making voice calls, there are many apps available now like Fring, Skype etc,

Text Free with Voice by Pinger is an Apple app in iTunes store which converts or turns Apple iPod Touch into a cell phone for making voice calls and also gives you a free phone number for iPod Touch like a phone number for a regular mobile phone,

With this free app for Apple iOS devices: iPad, iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, iPod Touch generation 4, you can make and unlimited free text messaging, free picture messaging (MMS), also can earn free minutes for making voice calls, text from the web, and finally can get a FREE number (if / while they last), receive free incoming calls on iPod Touch too over WIFI, Ringtones

Free text messaging is not limited to within USA but you can send free SMS from iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone to: Australia, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guam, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Venezuela + may be more countries,

But this never supports 911 like many other VOIP providers, and international free calls too are coming to Alaska, Hawaii etc like Google Voice free international calls from USA, the Picture messaging works comfortably over AT&T, Boost, MetroPCS, Nextel, Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon and Virgin networks in USA.

Free VOIP-PBX / SIP SoftPhone App for IPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

3CX phone (developer of Windows Soft phone and VOIP - PBX 3CX Phone system, an open standard unified communication system {UCS}) - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch app is a free way to make VOIP calls over WIFI or 3G,

3CX Phone for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (in iTunes Store) is something different from other free SIP phone apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, as 3CX is an unlocked app and one can use any VOIP PBX or any VOIP provider to use this app over Apple iPhone to make free calls,

The 3CX app works on your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as a SIP based VOIP-PBX / IP-PBX (as Asterisk / 3CX), like on-the-go, using this 3CX phone for iPhone one can also take phone calls to extensions over WIFI or 3G cellular network, and when you are at your office desk this iPhone app converts the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch into a desk phone without wires : ) The 3CX phone Apple app is free,

3CXPhone's toggle permits you to switchover in-between any external and any internal PBX servers, this is a free VOIP based client which does'unattended transfers, it supports SIP standards, G711 / GSM codec support and much more.

VoIP Analytics & PBX-Telecom Fraud Protection

How VOIP data analytic could reduce PBX / TELECOM fraud protection?

One of the largest problems that telecom/VoIP providers face is telecom fraud – with over $80 billion lost each year. According to surveys preformed by The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), carriers are loosing upto 4.5% of their total annual revenue to fraud, with 20% of total losses due to compromised PBX systems,

The rapidly advancing VoIP technologies and the widespread adoption of IP platforms have created an emerging market of new services and offerings – all of which create new opportunities for fraud to occur - and it has become increasingly difficult to combat sophisticated fraudsters. The integration and use of dedicated analytics & fraud detection systems has historically been the privilege of carriers only – until Humbug Telecom Labs released their free telecom analytics service a few months ago,

Humbug's Analytics makes telecommunications analytic and fraud detection accessible to everyone – small businesses, enterprises, ITSP's, and large carriers, with in-depth telecom traffic analysis, reporting, and alerting. This telephony analytics service is completely free, and puts carrier-class analysis tools in the hands of the organizations,

A simple integration with the organization’s soft-switch or PBX allows Humbug to provide real-time traffic analytics and protection from a wide range of telecommunications fraud attacks. The real added value from Humbug is their continuous aggregation of fraud patterns and information from all over the world, which provides proactive protection to systems connected to Humbug,

Over the past months we have seen businesses of all sizes being hit with phone bills up to $100,000, having no real protection or solution to this problem. Cases even include a Canadian legal firm who got hit with $207,000 in 2009,

If you are using a PBX in your business, perhaps you should consider using the free Humbug's VOIP Analytics (carrier grade/class telecom analytics in the Cloud) service.

Mobile VOIP on BlackBerry - GSM

Canada based RIM's mobile Blackberry has teamed up with mobile VOIP solution provider the TRU (previously: TruPhone) to provide its mobile VOIP calling services on Blackberry,

This could be beneficial for the business travelers, globe trotters and the businesses, who always need a touch with their respective Blackberry mobile phones,

Now Tru's GSM mobile service can be used on RIM - Blackberry phones, which is immediately available for UK people and will come to many more countries later viz.: USA, AUSTRALIA, SPAIN, NETHERLANDS, HONG KONG, FRANCE, ITALY, GERMANY etc.,

The Tru - Blackberry pact will shun heavy international roaming across various nations, and the UK Blackberry users would be able now to get 3 (UK, US, Australia) or more local country numbers on their single & one SIM card : ) it would heavily cut the international roaming charges,

Make a local international call with Tru and RIM - Blackberry mobile VOIP (mVOIP) solution.

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Nintendo 3DS Games: 3D Camera, No Glasses Needed

Wireless gaming handheld consoles are one of the pioneers in wireless wifi gadgets & gizmos, Apple's latest iPod Touch generation 4 with Game Center, Sony's PSP, Nintendo's GameBoy, DS, DSi and now latest advent: Nintendo 3DS is a cool addition to the handheld gaming wireless consoles,

Kids as well as grown ups never mind to play online games and wireless games on these handheld consoles,

Nintendo 3DS is coming this February 26th in Japan, 2011 and would hit the US markets on March 27th and invade Europe on March 25th 2011, with approximate price tag equivalent to USD 249.99, in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black colors, Amazon is taking the pre-orders right now, it would also have a 3D camera, 3D graphics capability and one could really play cool 3D games over Nintendo 3DS with no need of any or the special glasses : )

With your new Nintendo 3DS wireless handheld game console you can shot 3D images or pictures right from your gaming console, you can play 3D games and also can view 3D movies, hey it is a cool 3 dimensional world : )

For a more intense and a true wireless experience yo can connect with SpotPass / StreetPass communication, (SpotPass is a new feature on Nintendo 3DS system which detects wireless hotspots (WIFI) / LAN access points and than communicate their info, free software, data related to game, etc even if your system is in the sleep mode) you can connect to other nearby Nintendo 3DS users, share or play with them,

Nintendo's 3DS will have two screens, CIRCLE PAD, stereoscopic 3D display of upper screen, adjustable stylus, AR Cards (6), fun software viz.: FACE RAIDERS, 3DS Sound, Mii Maker app etc., also the coolest 3D technology would be 3D depth slider button which permits you to check that how much of the 3D you wish to watch, it's something like volume button to adjust the level of volume : )

3DS Nintendo would also boast of with charging cradle, analog control, touch screen, motion and gyro censors, to react with motion and tilt of the game and console, like playing a 3D car racing game (Asphalt 3D) with motion and gyro censor could be really addictive for anyone : ) Wow!!!

The goody is that you can play your almost all old, existing Nintendo DS / DSi games on your latest Nintendo 3DS system but in 2D GRAPHICS : ( this is what they call as BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY,

There would be a built-in 3D game: FACE RAIDERS, here user can shoot any fun depiction of their or anybody's faces,

Go Mario, play 3D, AR (augmented reality) on the newest 3DS Nintendo's handheld game console ...

VOIP Blocked? Try Viber: UAE Free Call

VOIP Blocked? Try Viber: UAE Free Call

Free Calls:

Many countries block VOIP calling as it could lead to loss of revenues to their local telcos like UAE (Gulf) etc, so the population residing there has no solution but to make regular PSTN phone calls which are certainly costly over the counterpart VOIP free to cheap calls,

Stop Press: UAE: Skype VoIP Internet Calls Officially OPENED by Etisalat: Consumers’ Victory!?

But Viber is an app for Apple iPhone / iPhone 4, Android, Blackberry and Windows smart cell phones and tablets, which provides for free international calls even from UAE (Gulf) where the internet calling or VOIP calls are blocked : ) if you live in UAE and own an Apple iPhone than download Viber VOIP app to your smart Apple iPhone and start making absolutely free calls to anywhere from UAE / Dubai, yeah it works, even Du the local telecom operator in UAE says its legal and do not make a loss in revenues to them,

Viber is a legal application too to make VOIP free calls from UAE / VOIP blocked countries as it works iPhone to iPhone or M2M (machine to machine), and is different from VOIP calls from iPhone to other mobiles or landlines,

Yes, Viber VOIP app works on 3G and WIFI both so either use it on WIFI or with the data charges, better go with an unlimited data plan to use Viber on iPhone so your data charges may not cost to your pocket : )

Read all Viber posts here,

also: How To VOIP From UAE, Saudi A., Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Middle East and VOIP Blocked Countries? //

VPN Good Option:

YouTube video may of interest:

UAE Blackberry VOIP Alert: How to avoid VoIP Block on Blackberry BBM Free Voice calls from UAE over WIFI

Motorola Xoom: Android v3.0 HoneyComb PC Tablet

Verizon wireless will soon, by the first quarter of 2011, release the Motorola Xoom Android PC touch screen Tablet which would boast Google Android 3.0 HoneyComb software for the very first time,

Moto Xoom (as displayed at international CES, Las Vegas)would be the first tablet having the Nvidia Tegra dual-core chip-set processor, and Google Android 3.0 aka HoneyComb, Honey Comb or Google Android v3.0 is specially made for the large screens or PC tablets,

Motorola Xoom will have dual 5 MP cameras, front and on rear side, camcorder, gyroscope, graphics engine, Adobe flash player, multitasking and the size will be cool 10.1 inch HD display, Gorilla glass toughness,

We know Apple's iPad is the latest wonder tablet PC of our times and there are many tablet PCs now on the scene like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak Android, Blackberry (RIM) Playbook, HP tablet PC and many more, but nobody is able to beat the worldwide craze of Apple iPad, and when the latest Apple iPAD2 is all set to launch any day now with Facetime video calling and dual cams, the tablet PC war is all set to be very hot, we have to see what will sell and what will not now onwards,

Technology is ever evolving, video calling, Skype video calls on the go, mobile video calls are the latest trend of mobile social networking and when Apple iPad 2 will have Facetime free WIFI video calls (VOIP) than everybody would like to grab a tablet PC which could give access to the cool live, real time video call conferencing,

Motorola Xoom will have Android 3.0 (HoneyComb) latest operating system which is specially made for the Tablet PCs, thus should be much comfortable to make video calling on the like with many softwares: Fring, Skype, PalTalk etc,

... Are You Ready to take the tablet PCs war???!!!

BlackBerry Free VOIP International Calls on the Go: Rebtel

Rebtel is a Sweden based leading free and cheap phone calls provider (mobile VOIP) to the world over phone to phone with no need of a computer or an internet connection or broadband : )

Rebtel provides the free international calls to other Rebtel user in 50+ countries around the globe,

Every VOIP provider tries to challenge Skype VOIP, knowingly or unknowingly, perhaps Rebtel too is in the fray : ) ???

Now Rebtel has introduced its RIM-BlackBerry app to make free calls (without WIFI) in those free Rebtel friends calling nations and to make cheap overseas calls over Blackberry mobile to other non-free Rebtel nations,

The free phone calls app over Research in Motion's (RIM) Blackberry could be found in Blackberry App World or GetJar, or could be downloaded from here,

The Rebtel Blackberry app is presently compatible with these models of Blackberry mobile: Blackberry OS 5.0 or later, Curve 8520, 8530, Bold, 9000, 9650, Tour 9630, Storm 9550 etc,

Enjoy free / cheap international calls over your Blackberry smart mobile on the go,


China to US Free (Local) IP Phone Calls: 950 No.: iTalkBB

ItalkBB (iTalk Broad Band) is a popular VOIP service for China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan which promises free phone calls to US, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and also provide for a local 950 number in China and also a local phone number in Korea, Hong Kong (852) and Taiwan too, using which your HK, Taiwan, China contacts can make a local rate phone call to USA from Taiwan, Korea, HK or China : )

For more info on China Mainland etc local 950 number you may call 1-877-482-5503 in US,

No need of a computer, just connect this home phone service with boadband internet and thus it would connect you via IP to the phones directly to place a cool voice call,

iTalkBB home phone service package comes with money back guarantee and two months usage is free ...

4G-LTE: Skype Video Call on Verizon Wireless

Very soon using Skype mobile over Verizon wireless 4G LTE network / device you can make a free video call : )

The latest version of the Skype mobile VOIP software would come integrated with many 4G smartphones, HTC ThunderBolt by mid of year 2011,

These smart cell phones would have a front and a rear facing camera with Android based 4G LTE capability to make a video call on the go using Skype mobile VOIP, and of-course you would be always free to make SKYPE TO SKYPE FREE long distance, local or overseas calls,

Verizon wireless's 4G LTE will skyrocket the speed of the data wireless-ly and one could use Skype very comfortably on the go including its video calls, face to face real time instant chat : )

Free Long Distance - International Calls from USA over Cell Phone or Landline

Telephoon VOIP Blog reviewed a site a few months back: now New York Times (NYT) too confirmed about this free long distance or free international calls provider site from USA to the world using a cell phone or a landline, just hear a small ad and make a clear and hassle free phone call on the go, with no internet, VOIP or laptop or PC ever required,

Its simply free phone to phone voice calling from USA to the world, nothing to buy, no credit card numbers to reveal, no Skype to Skype free calling and nothing to do, just hear a small ad for approx. 10 minute free calls to anywhere in the world by your existing telephone : )

... using this site, you still have to pay the rate for a local calling per minute, but international or long distance leg of the phone call is free!

Even long distance calling within the USA is cheap for the Americans using this free call site, as the very site uses a local number to connect you with desired long distance call recipient : )

So try this, if you need the free phone calls, and yes, this is a good option for the students and travelers within the USA ...

RIM-Blackberry Playbook-Skype VOIP App

Skype VOIP App for RIM's-Blackberry Playbook

RIM's Blackberry app world would soon may have Skype VOIP app for RIM's latest Blackberry Playbook, which is being spotted at international CES at LAS VEGAS,

Skype is world's leading VOIP free and cheap calls provider and it is a surprise that this VOIP brand may soon surface on RIM Blackberry Playbook slate / tablet PC ... and we always thought that Skype VOIP is only exclusive to the Verizon tablets?! Huh!

Skype-Qik: Mobile Video Stream & Sony Bravia TV

Skype the most popular and Skype to Skype free VOIP phone service has acquired the another popular and useful mobile video streaming on-the-go service QIK,

Skype is at enhancing the features spree and added this mobile video calling / broadcasting software QIK to its bouquet of video calling services to give a boost to its popular video calling service and also to go beyond PC and to add more popular mobile devices,

Skype VOIP video calls also would surface now on Sony Bravia TV and also on Vizio TVs, Skype already works over Samsung and Panasonic TV, Skype software will also come alongwith Viera Cast enabled Panasonic Blu-ray disc players ....

Skype Group Video Calls: Premium to Pay

At 2011 international CES Las Vegas event the Skype VOIP officially launched its group video calling, which was free and in beta till time,

Now to use the Skype group video calling or Skype group video call conferencing or Skype live group video chat, one has to pay a premium or a fee, it would come no more for free ...

Skype group video calls would cost USD 8.99 a month to make conference with worldwide Skypers upto 10 persons and the good is that only any ONE of the ten users has to pay to make video call con. with Skype,

There also come a 'day pass' to make or test Skype group video calling, if you are not interested to pay for a monthly Skype video calls subscription,

Special discount offer:

Buy Skype group video call subscription to get 33% discount till Feb 28, 2011 i.e. buy Skype group video calls at $6.03 (instead of $8.99) 33% off 3 and 12 month subscription,


iPhone-ECG (EKG): Check Heart-Beat Live in Real Time

Real Time - Live ECG (EKG) App / attachment for Apple iPhone:

Apple's iPhone is not only a mobile phone but using different iPhone apps over it, the iPhone really becomes a very useful handy mobile device of our times!

Now with Seattle's Alive Cor's iPhone ECG (electro-cardiogram) / EKG system one can check or measure his heart beat / heart rate with an Apple iPhone in real time : )It is a wonder and useful consumer friendly medical technology for a layman : )

This iPhone ECG device or the app reads and measures heart beat using a pair of electrodes attached and sends communication to iPhone,

FYI: This Apple iPhone heart beat ECG recorder would make its debut in upcoming international CES 2011 (consumer electronic show 2011) in LAS VEGAS, USA!


Apple iPhone Beat Monitor app: calculates the beats per minute (BPM), just put this app over iPhone and put your Apple device on any vein of your heart or on the wrist and press start, it also calculates MHR or maximum heart rate!

Hey! never force young cuties & ladies to use this Apple iPhone ECG app to measure her heart beat / rate in front *** ; ) or you will know not only how her heart beats but also about her ALL or any OF THE 'secret lady weapons / assets viz. curves, cleavage & contours' {CCC} ; )


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