Free & Real-Time Visual Caller ID App for Cell Phones

Get Free Visual Voice-Mail and Visual Caller ID for Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Palm, BlackBerry, Palm and other cell phones

Youmail’s ‘WhoAreYou’ is a service which can turn your caller ID into a visual caller ID so you can check whose missed call was this or who was on the other end of the phone call? This is really a fun way to handle your phone’s missed calls!

Free Visual Caller ID and Ditch the caller features are Great

The best part of this free visual caller ID is that this is TRULY VISUAL CALLER ID means that, this is a CALLER ID with NO need of a contact in your mobile phone’s address book, thus this visual caller ID even displays visuals of the guy who is calling you, you can make your decision to take the call or let it rejected,

You have a choice to send it to your voice mail for later retrieval or whatever or ditch (when using YouMail visual voicemail plus, you can ditch the caller like, by playing the prompt, “This phone number does not exist, please check the number you have dialed" thus you would be able to handle annoying callers and the phone calls.), may be if you like, the caller’s identity is revealed via his image and no chance of a call spoofing than.

Other Features and Innovations for your cell phones

-You can add Voice-to-Text Transcription,

-You can effortlessly block the annoying telemarketers, cold call makers, spammers, and ex’s from ringing your phone,

-All features are free.


Free Data Backup: Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Picassa and More

Free data backup: save your Google apps data for free
Back up your data, try free
Try Free Data back up for 30 days, no need of a credit card, No contract is here, Just login with your Gmail account!

Sometime accidently we click on the dreaded button, 'DELETE', or after deleting the data or emails we feel we still need that data, now what? Go to computer specialist and pay a hefty fees to recover online data? Or let it forget for ever?

Ok, with Backupify you can surely save your day to day data in the cloud and get relaxed, Backupify is a service to protect and safeguard the online backup & restore solution (data retention) for more than 4 million strong organizations, who runs Gmail and Google Apps, their entire backup process is very smooth and within the Cloud based software.

Try the Archiving, Search & Backup Solution for Your Gmail Accounts.

Backup your online data in the Cloud: Try it for free full 30 days

Backing up your data of your online accounts, including Google Apps, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and more.

About Backupify
Backupify gives Google Apps backup for any or all the companies ranging from small businesses to non-profits and also to Fortune 500 companies. Their Google Apps backup system provides an automated daily backups of Google's Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Contacts and Sites. This all comes for just $3 per user a month, and you are relaxed with them ass they safeguard an entire Google Apps domain account with daily backups.

Try it for free, if you like...

No harm in trying it for free for full 30 days with NO credit card info or any contract, no fine prints here, just try for free with your Gmail account.

Start NOW backing up your Google Apps Gmail, Blogger, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Calendar and Contacts, Word Press and Social Networks like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Picassa, Zoho, Flickr etc now. No Oops, Ouch, Arrr.. or Sorry now, start back up and secure your data in the clouds, start with a free trial and go ahead if you like it.

White Space-WIFI on Steroids is All Set To Go ...

Thanks to the Microsoft and also to Google's initiative: Free the airwaves, finally FCC has approved the first Television White Spaces data base and TV Band device (TVBDs), officially.

FCC Approve White Spaces (Super WIFI on Steroids), Get Ready

Actually we can say that the use of unused (empty TV channels) TV/Radio frequency, spectrum or signals or radio waves' as 'White Space' Spectrum between TV Channels, thus the vision or concept of the global and universal wireless internet could be reached.

FYI: Wi-Fi is a good example of unlicensed spectrum, by the way ...

White Space: This was an urge with FCC to approve & open the unused TV channels/bands for the sake of universal wireless broadband and also allow them for the other consumer devices.

Three fourth of the white space (or simply the unused bandwidth) is completely unused now and that is why the Google Inc. is making their best effort to free it for a global wireless / wire free Internet and other communication vision!

White Space, or WIFI2.0 or WIFI on Steroids, what is all this? Tell me more...

According to the Tech Crunch:

" ... so-called “white space” (which Google had actually been working on alongside the spectrum opening). White space is the name given to the vacant airwaves between television channels, airwaves which are increasingly open as people move to cable and other methods of getting television. These airwaves have the potential to carry wireless data at speeds and distances that would make today’s WiFi seem antiquated. That’s why the white space has earned the nickname “WiFi 2.0″ or “WiFi on steroids”. And after an FCC vote today, it’s finally a go..."

Microsoft is happy too and says that, "this New Wireless Market Is Worth Billions And We're Going To Get Our Share (MSFT),

The FCC expects to begin white spaces operations by January 26, 2012, with very first approved device, which will be made by Koos Technical Services, which would work similar to a wireless router. But this may only be available in Wilmington, NC, USA.

Benefits of White Spaces or unused TV frequency in modern internet and wireless communications

The WIFI 2.0 or WIFI on steroids or White space frequency will be much faster than any thing else, thus it will pipe more data with good speed, and thus data price will fall rapidly nearly to a free tag, the biggest advantage would be the remote penetration of WIFI now is possible as these airwaves can reach the remotest areas, where WIFI can not reach as of yet!

Official Google Blog: Time to "Free the Airwaves"

Access Your PC / Mac on a Mobile, iPad: Anytime, Anywhere for Free, How To?

A FREE, on-demand 'Remote Control' which brings Your entire Computer/Mac on your Apple iPad or iPhone, Android! Access anytime, anywhere for FREE!

LogMeIn is the name of the game which promises to bring your entire Mac, PC or Laptop (access) on your Apple iOS: iPhone/iPad, so you can access it on the go, anytime, anywhere just for 0 pennies!

There are 2 versions of LogMeIn, one is on demand Free Remote Access and the other one is Pro one which comes for a premium ($39.99 per year) with enhanced functionality (like HD and cloud integration and such) and features.

There is also an 'Ignition' to access your Mac, PC via your Android devices, like Apple iPhone/iPad.

A Remote Controlled Wireless (over WIFI / 3G) for your Mac, PC, Get access and work done from anywhere on the Earth!

LogMeIn is a beautiful on-demand 'remote controlled' wireless solution for your Laptop/PC if you do not want to carry that bulky laptop over Android or iPad or iPhone as LogMeIn is like a wake on LAN which remotely can start your sleeping PC on the LAN and thus you would be able to get your work done, do physical distances matter now to you in this wonder tech age?!


Play Grand Theft Auto on Mobile (Android & iOS)

How to Play Grand Theft Auto Video Game (GTA) on Cell Phones?

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is an addictive and popular and they say bit 'controversial' action & adventure Rockstar's video game (created in the UK) for all ages, and now you can play this on your smart cell phone over Apple iOS App: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android tablets and mobile phones.

Grand Theft Auto mobile video game is NOT free and for holidays as a promo it comes for $2.99 (regular price is $4.99) in Apple app store, just grab it if you really were dreaming it to play on your mobile handsets of tablets like Apple iPad,

Play GTA on your small or big digital touch screens and fulfill your goals and missions, enjoy it ....


Send Animations in a Mobile Video Call! How To?

Free Tango Surprises

Tango is a cool name and also a brand to dial mobile video calls on the Go. Recently the few Microsoft Windows phones models are using Tango video calling functionality on their handset / hardware (though Skype VOIP video calls are within Microsoft’s umbrella)!

Tango works with PC, Laptop, Tablets, smart cell phones on Apple iOS, Android or Windows phones.

Use Free Animation during a live streaming video call on the cell phone!

Well, free or paid video calling on cell phones or digital tablet pads on the Go is not new (Skype, Fring, QIK and many more provide this for free) but may be you also want to add some fun to the face-to-face, live online friend or hubby, than surely you can send him/her some video animations or even a series of video animations during the cell phone’s video call on the Go using Tango to amuse.

You can play Ninja slicing the screen; or a monkey to make fun, send LIVE rhythm of your heart beats to your love, just do Tango and have lots of fun : ) spread the cheers!!!

Tango’s Free Short Video Messages

If you want to send some SMS or MMS than surely go Tango to send the short up to 30 seconds video messages, you can also receive video messages on Tango Video Calling app, just leave a short video message for yours and spread the love perfume in the air, but please do not get addictive, make sure : )

Tango has Free and Paid both services, How?

Tango Surprise (Video animation) and short video messaging on mobile phones, both are free service, but if you are a heavy user for these services than you have to pay a bit, example, one Tango Surprise or Tango video animation are free and unlimited usage for animated video calling comes for just $1.98.

For short video message clips, users can chose to play their 5 recent video messages, they are free and more than that like 5 more will cost $0.99, additional 10 video short messages will cost $1.98 …

Would you Tango me? It is Face-time! May be there will be a day when Tango go beyond the video messaging and than you can also post your video chats with animation on FaceBook or such social networks and go like YouTube way …

Free World Wi-Fi Numbers, What-s & How-s?

Reserve a FREE Personal World Wi-Fi Number (World Online Number) with Republic Wireless: How To?

Republic Wireless! Did you ever heard of this in MVNO in the US? They are working like a charm in US, providing TRULY unlimited data, text and voice calls a month for just USD 19 flat, no fine prints involved, they are GENTLEMEN ;) never you will be overcharged with no compromise to the data speed etc. Clearly there are NO FAIR USAGE POLICY as such, so chill!

Techcrunch rightly term them as “the potentially disruptive mobile phone carrier that uses special hybrid Wifi/cellular phones” …

What is Republic Wireless? (Hybrid Calling on Cell Phones and Tablets)

FYI: You know Republic is a Sprint Nextel MVNO / mobile operator, as it needs one cellular network for connecting its customers, when they go out of range over WiFi, thus RW had made an agreement with Sprint Nextel to get voice & data capability on its CDMA network!

Republic Wireless (RW) is a UMA / Hybrid (smart) intelligent Calling which automatically switches (hops) in-between the WIFI or a cellular network, to reduce your communication bills (only on special Android cell phones) and give you the best quality, you deserve!

Get a World WIFI Personal Number with Republic Wireless! (Only to first 100 million guys on Earth only)

An Introduction to the World WIFI Numbers: A Passport to call or text the World for Free

… They say that they have got their own international country code (+883-5110). If you want to claim your (8 digit) personal World WIFI number than come along with Republic Wireless, the world WIFI number costs nothing and it is free for you! Just reserve it.

... Later their plans are that you will be able to link your chosen World Wi-Fi Number with your republic wireless cell phone and this would be primary domestic number.

When RW will be ready to roll out this new feature, they will thmself provide more information on what it does and how to use it? Till than keep your fingers closed. Just choose and book a free world WIFI number for you!

The unique world WIFI number-s would make you enable and your friends to make a voice call or SMS you using ANY phone, in any country directly to your republic wireless phone and they will never have to pay extra bills or charges for the hefty international long distance… means all international calls will be free!

Learn about Republic Wireless World WIFI Number concept, what they explains as:

What is a World Wi-Fi Number?

"A World Wi-Fi Number is a secondary number assigned to your republic wireless phone (in addition to your primary domestic number). The World Wi-Fi Number makes it easier and cheaper for family and friends outside the US to stay in touch with you.
Why should I get one?

Right now, with republic wireless your friends and family in the US can call or text you anywhere in the US and it costs you $19 per month, whether you’re in Wi-Fi or not. You can also receive calls anywhere in the world (as long as you have Wi-Fi) from friends and family in the US with no extra cost or hassle.

But what about friends and family outside the US? When someone outside the US places a call to a US number, that call is routed overseas by their carrier via one or more intermediary companies. Normally, fees get added by all the companies along the way. In the case of republic, we now offer every carrier in the world a way to pass us that traffic directly, at no charge."

What is here for me?

RW’s country code will provide the US based people, the free international calling on cell phones on the go, this works just like any overseas phone call works, and this is all without the fees. Like when start an international call using your phone over Wifi, than this will be absolutely free of charges, and this never matters where in the world you are talking!

Also when your contact overseas will call you, they jhave to dial in Republic’s ‘country code’, 883-5110 > your phone number; thus that incoming call for you will also be free for the both end callers! Intelligent concept, it seems!

Google loves Republic Wireless WIFI world Number concept too?!

Sources reveals that Google too is integrating the RW intermodal WIFI number code 883-5110 within its Gmail phone functionality, and like Google many will allow RW soon, they claims!

Note: RW says that when/if a country has its own country fees, that still will aplly.

For example, if one of your contacts lives in the United Kingdom, uses Orange, when he make a call to your Republic Wireless WIFI number, than this call will be free only if Orange has opted into supporting Republic’s international code.

To support this claim RW guys has putted up a dedicated web page to enable the carriers’ sign up if they want to support Republic’s International Country Code! Which clearly says that:

there is no termination cost to any carrier to interconnect and send calls and sms to 883-5110”.

Bookmark, subscribe, email, share us!


Track Santa on Cell Phone via Google Earth from North Pole

Trace & Track Santa Claus on your cell phone (mobile phone) or web from North Pole courtesy Google Earth (Norad Tracks Santa)!

Hey! much awaited and snow filled Christmas is here again, the joy spreads like clouds and fun-frolic is in the air :) Sing some Christmas Carole and Jingle Bell ...

See, meet and Track Santa on your Smart Cell Phones now!

Track Santa on Android mobiles and devices using this free app

Track Santa Claus on your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using this free app,

Wish you all Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Christmas Trivia for You:

In Greek language 'X' means Christ, thus X-Mas is Christmas! Enjoy ...

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Difference in NFC & Bluetooth Mobile Technologies

What is the Difference between the Blue Tooth & NFC Cell phone technologies?

There are various technologies/applications striving hard in the current web scenario. Each and every technology as well as applications promised to be better, full of fun as well as easier than others.

There is a great boost in the world of modern technologies in the field of communication. Here you can see different forms of apps/ technologies which are invented for ease of the users. But you can see differences in these technologies too.

Well, do we know some of the differences between the NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth Mobile Technologies?

Difference in NFC & Bluetooth Mobile Technologies
Difference in NFC & Bluetooth Mobile Technologies
NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth are short range high frequency wireless communication technologies structured with the electronic devices for the safe use of the electronic devices.

NFC as the name indicates, it is the technology for two electronic devices to act wireless way at a very short range. While Bluetooth is also a wireless technology that is designed for the interaction of two communication devices within a 10 meter range without any physical connection.

NFC and smart payments via Mobiles

NFC allows simple transactions such as data exchange and wireless connection between two devices in close proximity to each other. NFC is now widely used to system for making payments check out through your Smartphone, like Google Wallet pays on tapping the smart cell phone!

Near Field Communication (NFC) Versus Blue Tooth: Key Differences!

Bluetooth is a copyright protocol for a short range communication with the high level of security. It’s an open wireless technology used for exchanging data over short distance from the mobile devices. It can connect several devices overcoming with the problem of synchronization. Bluetooth has master and slave architecture.

NFC uses low power in compare to Bluetooth and also the setup time for NFC is much less than the Bluetooth.

You can use NFC on the mobile phones too! Like to open the door of the hotel room, unlock your BMW car etc. NFC is generally used for pairing devices. NFC is a user friendly technology.

Bluetooth is widely used in wireless headphones, keyboards, cell phones. Bluetooth pairing is instant than NFC. As Bluetooth is the standard for channelizing large amount of information between devices, we can think Bluetooth as a wireless cable network.

NFC requires the power source from the start to the finish and is the standard for transferring the small amount of information between devices so; we can think NFC as a credit card reader …


Google Search Contest: Fill the Caption in Cartoons!

Google's Search Creative Contest to fill-in the caption for the cartoons strips!

Google the Internet search giant and much more than the search engine has launched an interesting contest to fill-in-the caption over the cartoons strips : )

Google is amazing, it is intelligent than human, they are philanthropic, they are technically most advanced in the world, they are best employers for many Adsense publishers in the world, without Google there is no virtual life and now no real life, if there is NO GOOGLE!

Creativity is now a synonym for Google and this caption filling contest is only a way to share and show your talent to the world, via Google,

Google'sofficial blogs depicts about this creative Google's caption contest as:

"What's the Search?

Come up with your most creative caption illustrating what these characters are searching for on Google. You can also vote for your favorites and share them with friends!"

Enter the caption a cartoon Google competition and have some fun these holidays, think wild, Go wild, buzz your creativity with Google and the real virtual world, vote them and go to the top of Mount Everest!

Do not wait for any official Google prizes, fun is the best thing to give away and Google is giving away that perfectly and for free :)


How To Make Free Phone Calls using Internet?

Freedom of communication, fire your Telephone Company and hefty bills!

Novel innovations and discoveries in the field of technology have brought up so many changes in our lives that are beyond our imagination power :)

Technology plays vital role in today’s modern, techie world. The Internet web world is really affiliated with great inventions and evolution! This is mainly change in the forms of concept into something which is extremely useful.

Advertisements based free voice (phone) calls

One such evolution of an amazing technology that will help you to reduce your hefty telephone bills has been discovered. FreeTring, the only service that allows you to make 100% FREE calls to any telephone number using Internet.

….FreeTring, a revolutionary service in the world of telecommunication!

FreeTring is the revolutionary service that has changed the whole scenario in the current world of telecommunication.

You are able to make the FREE calls from your mobile, landline and PC to anywhere in the world using the FreeTring service.

The service offers the best of all with no hidden fees, no calling limitations which will not cost you a single dime.

How you can make FREE phone calls on Internet?

A big question in your mind that how could we call to any telephone number FREE?

Yes…it is now possible with FreeTring! The advertisers on the Internet pay for your calls or they refer your friend and get instant credit for FREE calls.

Get rid of your hefty telephone bills, invite your friends and start calling them freely!

Tring…Tring… enjoyyy FREE calling!! :)

Our sincere thanks to a avid reader, an Indian student studying in US, for letting us know this free calling service.

Skype Group Video Greeting Card: Create Them Now

How to Make a Group Video Greeting Card for (celebrate Birthday) Free with Skype?

Skype (VOIP), the largest provider for free international voice & video calls on cell phones, web, tablets PC and internet phones has something to offer more,

Skype Online Group Video Greeting: Say Happy Birthday with Skype

Very simple to create even for a child, say you have to send a Birthday E-Card, send it with Skype for free, they are fun, interactive, video functionality and very sensitive to human emotions!

Choose a contact to whom the e-greeting has to be send > choose a band from the list > play your voice (optional) > write a cool not and it is done, copy the URL and send it to yours!

Creat Skype Group Video Greetings for Free!

Say it with Skype; Say it with Flowers! Keep Hanging with us : )

Don't Call: ‘Locked Debit Card’ (Scam Alert)

Cyber Crimes and Modern Technology: How to Tackle?

Hacking, Cracking, Viruses, Trojan and Malware are the other side of the Internet coin, they are software intelligent program, no doubt that very intelligent guys produced them but only for the negative reasons, this leads to cyber crime in laws of many countries, now.

Well, there is an another Cyber fraud or SMS scam is rotating around, like in US, you may receive a (fake) text message on your cell phone like: Your debit card is locked for security reasons, call this ***** phone number to unlock it instantly!

Never Do

And as you will call that phone number you may get in trouble, that phone number may lead you to end up with something terrible with your debit card or bank account, so beware!

What to do?

Never call that phone number mentioned in the SMS, instead call your bank or debit card provider phone number, printed on the back of your little plastic money! You will be safe,

This scam works on the line of email used to hack bank account or such, when someone opens a link in hacker's email to his bank he routs to he hackers' website, and as he fill his login details, things go out of his control!

The phone number is though may be from US in this debit card scam but the person lived out of US, so the law becomes diluted, cyber crime is always tough to locate or punish as this involves the real countries (not virtual) and many laws of land hinders!

So better be cyber educated and alerted yourself. Take care,


Watch Free Live Stream Internet TV

Watch India TV LIVE on Internet for Free 24x7x365

For online Indians, NRIs or who are interested in India, Indian news, culture or sentiments, here are the LIVE TV channels airing for free, you can watch online free & live, popular news channels viz.: Aaj Tak .

But ensure you have an unlimited data/internet package, before you go as this may consume large data bandwidth.

In this modern age of Science and Technology, people all over the globe are really busy, engaged in their daily hectic working schedules, that they don’t even have the time to view at the newspapers headings, or even don’t have time to reply to a cell phone calls :(

The people all over the world are really heading towards a great future but are not they chasing, chasing and still chasing all the times and thinking that this is the very advancement of life?

But hey there, do not get disappointed as the same science and technology had facilitate you with live streaming online TV, called as LIVE TV, that is waiting badly to serve you with its finest services all over the world.

LIVE TV…Boon for workaholics!!

Well…Television has always played a major role in people’s lives and has really become a core part of everyone’s life style. In this e-age almost every house is equipped with at least one set of TV in all the shapes and sizes. Everyone is enjoying the daily broadcasts from various channels or stations but how is the idea of watching the TV online and that too for FREE?

This is now possible because of the innovative invention of watching TV online. It is a full entertainment, fun watching online TV for the viewers as it blooms an opportunity to enjoy countless number of channels of your own choices.

With LIVE TV you can keep yourself updated with the daily new happenings around the world. You can also watch and hear various music channels, news channels, movie channels according to the requirement and mood.

LIVE TV is perfectly beneficial also for the Indians, NRI’s or for the different races who are interested in India, Indian cultures, Indian news and movies.

You can watch online FREE and live, popular news channels like Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, News 9 and many more as these channels are airing for FREE.

The effective, adept part about the online TV is that the users can watch the shows, news of different genres and could be easily update their knowledge about different casts and cultures surviving in the vast world.

FYI: Again, before you go, please ensure you have an unlimited Internet data plan as this may consume large data bandwidth.

Fill your life with thrills, sensations; watch online LIVE TV with all new exciting features, anywhere, anytime!!

Video Conferencing on Apple iPhone 4S

How To Do Video Conference on Apple iPhone 4S?

The technology in the current web scenario has a great height with all its leaps and bounds still every one of us seeks something more that could help our life to be much easier, comfortable than ever :)

Today we see the families are well equipped with high speed internet, LCD’s, LED’s and HD televisions but now the boom will be of telepresence in the drawing/living room.

Google, Facebook, Apple etc. had undoubtedly created history and completely revolutionized the world of Internet & Technology and of communication with variety of innovative products.

Amongst all, there is a latest introduction of a solution for iPhone 4S users known as Vidyo that will now offer High quality of video conferencing.

The tech world always seems to be advanced with all the technologies and applications evolving daily and never remains as it is or static…

What is Vidyo?

Vidyo is the launched product by Hackensack, N.J. based company that allows its users to create telepresence software that allows people to hold high quality video conferences.

Vidyo, an award winning products deliver the industry’s best error resilience and the lowest latency video conferencing over the Internet and general purposes networks.

How does the technology works?

The application is very simple to install as well as in use. The users have full control over their layout and they have the power to choose the participants they want to view and can dynamically change between the landscape and portrait orientations as well.

When we think of communication and that too with video (mobile) conferencing, what the first thing that springs in our mind? It may be that we can communicate with just 2 or 3 people, but hey there! Are you guys lacking behind the time?

With the help of Vidyo, you can now participate in conferences with more than 100 users. Surprised? :)

Video for Apple iOS, Download it.

Video furnishes with the ability to display four participants on the phone screen at a given time on the iPad2 and iPhone4S.

Now you can experience the HD Video Conferencing without boundaries.

Vidyo is natural, affordable and universal too!

So all who strongly feels that telepresence is not in their budget, just take a look over this amazing application Vidyo, I am sure they will definitely change their mind!

Hurry up, it is the right time to go and grab the Vidyo and have fun!



Get Frosted by Google - Let it Snow!

Google is like a fresh (Red Rose) fiancee who never gets old and make a man energetic by its newest tricks, tips and magical deeds,

Get Frosted by Google

Well, if you want to get frosted in the snowy winters and avalanches of North Pole than quickly Google for 'Let it Snow' , I promise you will instantly get freeze, oh come on, do not worry, I am with you on your snow clad journey to rescue you and request Google to Defrost you!

Anyways just try, Google, 'Let it Snow' for a nice surprise!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Wonderful Holidays ... Say it with Flowers!

Drop Digital (Virtual) Products on Real World Streets? How To?

Street's Digital Objects, Pick them Up & Drop in Real World Streets, How to?

Play Location Based Treasure Hunt or Do Marketing using Repudo App on your iOS / Android ... This is a Digital to Real World addiction

A new app Repudo 3 is on the streets, a location based app which intelligently uses GPS, Accelerator & Gyroscope and camera too and such navigation techniques with all of its skills.

So What is Repudo App is all about?

Repudo is a Dutch initiative to connect the digital multimedia virtual world with the real and actual world and to bring the folks on real streets!Justify FullIn brief, the Repudo tries to pick up and than drop the digital messages on a specific location to make guys surprised, The app is available for iOS and Android right now.

It seems tough to grab the very concept in the beginning but as you know it you will be surprised on its fun aspect and how does it is good for any marketing.


Use this location based mobile phone technology, the Repudo on smart Apple or Android gadgets, download app, click it, it will launch your phone's camera, it will use 3D functionality, just leave (drop) or pick a Repudo (digital multimedia belongings),

You can better understand the very complex-ed concept only after 2 or 3 reads, and watching this YouTube video!


Download Repudo App for Android

Download Repudo App for Apple iOS

Watch Your Favorite Online Show: Offline, Anywhere, Anytime, How To?

A (offline) DVR for Viewing Online Stream of Videos

There is an uptrend in the graph of technology sector, a craze, which is increasing daily :) and why not? Now-a-days we see numerous advanced technologies/applications that certainly ease the human necessities and utilities.

Everyone are busy buddies now-a-days like me :) even don’t have time to watch favorite TV shows, movies and daily soap operas :( hey! Do not feel sad, here is a application for all the TV-Worms out there.

Playlater is the software application that allows you to record movies and TV shows from supported Internet websites on your hard drive and allows you to watch later as per your convenience.

Check out the real heck out there!

Introducing, the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for online videos…Playlater!!

There are tons of stuffs to watch online. What if you are not online? On an airplane may be, or on grandma’s house? You are out of luck until now. Meet Playlater!

It is software that works like a DVR for online videos. Letting you search, discover or record your favorite online movies or sports, TV shows and more in one simple place.

You can watch the recorded shows whenever and wherever you like. Enjoy the TV shows in just three easy steps. Install, Record and Enjoy.

How does the application works?

Playlater is the technology that gives you the freedom to record your favorite online videos and take pleasure in watching them as per your schedule even if you are not connected with Internet.

You just simply select the show you want to record and Playlater will record the same for you. The recording will take place in the background so you can continue in doing some other work on your computer.

Playlater lets its users to copy streaming videos from around 30 sites including Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, CNN and many more.

Watch your favorite videos on any devices

You can obviously watch the recorded videos on your PC, but if your PC is connected to the TV then you can also watch these shows on your TV too!

Now, you can watch these shows on your iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices too with the latest version of Playlater known as PlayOn.

Get ready to deliver the ability for people to watch anytime, anywhere with Playlater.

Download Playlater for Free!

The future of entertainment is ONLINE and now you can record the FUTURE with Playlater!! :)
Happy recording!!!


FREE 4G-LTE / Mobile Broadband in USA: 2012?

Genius idea: A FREE wireless broadband / 4G-LTE voice and mobile services nationwide in the USA.

Are you exhausted of paying monthly hefty broadband and mobile bills? But you might not have to anymore. Surprised?!

If this world will NOT come to an end on the most hyped date: Dec 21, 2012, than may be our US Telecom world will witness a wireless revolution much before ...

FreedomPop is a groundbreaking initiative that dreams to provide a FREE wireless broadband LTE / 4G, voice and mobile services like voice calls etc. to the Americans, starting 2012.

Check out the real heck out here!

Niklas Zennstorm the co-founder of Skype has got some terrific plans in his creative brain and is planning a new venture that has motive to bring FREE broadband communication channels to all in the Americas.

His new venture FreedomPop is supported by his venture capital company Atomico and has signed up a deal with LightSquared, which is recently building a nationwide 4G LTE network incorporated with satellite coverage that will be wholesale only.

The company will be soon hitting the tech market in 2012 with an ultimate, quality goal to ensure that every American citizen can get FREE, fast, easy and convenient access to communication service that is completely based on the LightSquared network.

The main motto of the company is "Internet is a right, not a privilege”

Skype provides us with FREE worldwide phone calls (audio and video) but just riding on someone else shoulder. FreedomPop has accepted a challenge of providing a free mobile internet access service with the great support of satellite broadband outfit LightSquared.

Main aim of the company!

The company currently confronts long list of challenges but the aims are higher, though the LightSquared owns a large, cherished path of licensed wireless spectrum with the great support of billionaire investors.

The company believes in bringing the connectivity to all the Americans. The company will introduce itself to the tech world probably in 2012, pointing the un-merited, unworthy markets first.

Brief about LightSquared

LightSquared is a wholesale carrier building, a nationwide wireless broadband network that has a special task to revolutionize the US wireless industry.

LightSquared offers people the speed, value and reliability of the universal connectivity with the nationwide 4G-LTE network integrated with the satellite connection. LightSquared will be distributing an open 4G wireless broadband network to be used by the existing and also the new service providers to sell their own applications and services at private- enterprise rate.

Brief about FreedomPop

A debut company FreedomPop, founded in 2011 is creating its place in the telecom world. Its main aim is to provide disruptive voice and internet services to everyone living in America and to see that no one is left off within the connectivity. Its initial service will soon launch in 2012. FreedomPop will be working together with the LightSquared to develop the wireless broadband network.

What we think:

Going through the above discussion, though it sounds great but we personally feel that how do FreedomPop going to offer this service for FREE? Do not know yet! Time will tell…when it will perhaps hit the US telecom world in 2012.

Can a wholesale provider of 4G wireless service would be the competitor to the other services in the US wireless market place?

Let us wait and watch, our fingers go crossed now!! Anything can happen anytime in this wonderful cration of the Gods, the Earth : )

Best wishes to FreedomPop from our Telephoon team :)


Play with Real Pigs on iPad, in Real-Time

Play Pig Chase on Apple iPad Tablet PC

If you love Apple iPad tablet PC, gaming and also the Pigs, just raise your hands, we have something for you, not so Piggy : )

Play with real Pigs, Piggys and who are like the Pigs : ) in the real time, and believe me you still will remain as a human, as you are right now ... try,

The game is, the Pigs responds to the light and try to play or touch it, thanks to the Dutch gaming company for making this cool Pig Chase game!

This game is in human testing (not Pig testing) mode and may soon make a way to Apple Apps store!

If the Pigs wants to play with you, let them play, no harm in Being Human : )


Why KOLAVERI Makes India Hip-Hop?

Why India Dance to the Tunes of Kolaveri Di?

The Kolaveri Di a Tamil-Hindi-English mixed song from Indian movie 3 is the latest internet rage and craze and is making young Indians tapping down to its tunes, it seems lots of youngsters love this beautiful song.

If you will listen this musical hit, no doubt you too will utter it for some time, after a listen, even you do not know Tamil or Hindi (like Greek or Latin) or may be you are a Westerner, just try to listen the rhythm, hold your pace, this is addictive, soon you will know why it has gone viral and a BIG hit instantly.

I do not know Tamil but love this song, sung in very SEXY VOICE and mood! This is on my cell phone's ring tone now!

Real things, ideas still have a place in this world without any competition! So dance like, nobody is watching!

What a Holy Cow! Wow ...

Call Santa via Gmail: 855-34-SANTA

Children all over the globe loves Santa Clause especially in the days of their Holidays, Christmas and New Year! Joy spreads in the sky like a charm full fragrance and everywhere we can see the high tides of fun, joy and love!

Well, want to call Santa, thanks to Google Gmail, now you can (remember that last year how guys in or around the U.S. did receive the customized and a special personal holiday phone call from Santa Claus).

Now Santa is in North Pole, busy and riding his reindeer, they say, you know that ... after all, reindeer are only so-so conversationalists ...

List your and of your family members special request for Santa Claus, call him right from your Google Gmail > leave a message at Santa's Google Voice number, which is: 855-34-SANTA.

May be Santa would not return your messages, he is on his toes, but for yu only Santa has a smart promised that he will keep you updated the very happenings rolling in the North Pole, day by day, So have a cheers!!! now.

Send a Unique Phone Call from Santa to any of yours:

Create & greet yours in voice of Santa with a unique, customized phone call from Santa to anyone you know in USA.

Keep tracking and chasing Santa online, or via GPS, guess and dream, send him voice messages, greetings and phone calls ... Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

Official Google Blog: Ho-ho-hold the phone: Santa’s on the line

Unlimited World Calling on Cell Phone or Tablet for $7 a Month

Cheap Overseas Phone Calls using Cell Phones (Unlimited): Fring

The word “UNLIMITED” is not new in this e-age of smart phones and gadgets, stylish cell phones, where there are number of technologies and applications that facilitate you with doing unlimited calls or messages :)

So, do you want to save even more on your International calls when you are calling from your home?

Here you are, with an innovative, smart application that is quite affordable for your pockets and wallets.

Fringout, an easy and cheap mobile calling solution that permits you to talk as much as you want to anyone, anywhere in the world.

What is Fringout?

Fringout lets you to call easily on any landline or mobile phone anywhere over the globe with just $7/month subscription. (Available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices)

Currently this technology is supported by Nokia Symbian S60, iPhone, Android and such smart mobile and tablets devices.

Use the iTunes subscription for Fringout’s unlimited monthly calling to 40 destinations.

Your monthly subscription will be automatically renewed.

As always with Fring you can Group Video chat, call or texts your friends for FREE.

Can you imagine iMessage on your steroids?

Now you can, yes…that’s Fring!!

It lets you go beyond the text. You can make and get free phone calls and DVQ quality video chat with any of your friend over the globe even if they are not Fring users.

The highlights:

• You are able to make 4-way live cell phone video calling for FREE.
• …share the fun of live, free video call anytime, anywhere on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.
• You can talk as much as you want with your loved ones no matter where they are located over the globe.
• …Unlimited live chats for free with friends on Fring.
• Make a call to any land line or mobile number in very cheap rates starting from $7/month.
The application is fun and easy to use.

Fair Usage Policy:

Download the application from App Store. (The Fring VOIP app is also available for iOS5, Android etc).

Enjoy the FREE group video calls, calls and live chat with other Fringsters too!

Buy Online: Aakash, Cheapest Tablet PC, How To and From Where?

Aakash (a Hindi (Indian) word means Sky) is the name of the world's cheapest tablet PC, and now it is a reality and available for an online purchase with millions of prospective customers in the Que!

Aakash is an initiative by the Government of India to provide cheap or extremely low cost Android 2.2 (Froyo) tablet PC to Indians and poor students. This is a 7 inch touch screen Android 2.2 tablet PC with WIFI and GPRS connectivity, Apps, Videos enabled, pen drive & 3G dongle enabled.

I was thinking this all as absurd, but it is an eye opener that how the technology, if could be provided cheap to the students and this new age generation, they could do wonders ... the digital platforms which are low cost can develop and enhance the skills of many brains in the 'so called' third world nations!

What is Aakash's Ubislate 7?

The commercial or an upgraded version of newly Aakash tablet will be known as Ubislate 7.

Difference between Aakash and Ubislate 7 Tablets PC

Ubislate 7 is a hybrid of a cell phone and a digital tablet, unlike Aakash which is NOT a mobile phone but only a digital tablet PC.

Order Aakash tablet online here, nothing to pay or no need of a credit card to book, it is COD (cash on delivery) mode in India.

If you need a Ubislate hybrid tablet / cell phone or phablet than pre-order this here.

SpecificationsAakashUbiSlate 7 (The upgraded version of Aakash)
AvailabilityNOW!Late January 2012
MicroprocessorArm11 – 366MhzCortex A8 – 700 Mhz
Battery2100 mAh3200 mAh
OSAndroid 2.2Android 2.3
NetworkWiFiWiFi & GPRS (SIM & Phone functionality)

After the great discovery of the numeral ZERO in ancient times, the Indians have contributed now two advanced and modern high tech things to this expensive world for the cheapest prices in the world, the first is Tata's Nano: the cheapest car in the world on the road = approx USD2500 only, and now the cheapest tablet PC Aakash / Ubislate for approx USD 47 only, hail India, you can do and have done it!!!

Good bye Apple (iPhone, iPad) you have to meditate anywhere else in the world but in India ... they seek price first, quality comes embedded!!!


Summly Algorithms: Summarizes the Web, Wow & How!

How to summarize the Web? ... A FREE app which sorts & pin-points most relevant search results for you!

The question raised above, does that seems to be whack? Really?!

But, wait…a 16 year old programmer teen has invented a groundbreaking application called Summly that dare fully tries summarize the galactic web.

Do you want to know more about it...?

The mind blowing application Summly!

Launching recently, the application Summly, that aims of bringing text summarization phenomenon into the web.

People have less time to spend and more work to do these days. Yes…life has become fast and speedy than ever. No matter, Time is Money and even the peoples all around are looking forward many useful ways to maximize the time they have.

We see many of them having little tolerance or time to spend for long digital contents. Thus, the mentality of “tl; dr” (Too long: did not read) has been rapidly enhanced these days and it just sweeps the Internet world all the way along.

Those who are addicted to the social networking site, Twitter where the content comes in 140 characters, it is the better way to express something in shorthand.

Here comes the existence of Summly, which summarizes the long web contents. The application was formerly known as Trimit.

Basically, Trimit was a text auto summarizer which was designed to fit all the stuffs you are reading on a mobile device into brief synopses, outlines and share those over SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter in .txt form just with few clicks!

According to the genius boy, Summly is “Mimics evolution

They say… Summly is a simpler way to browse and search the web.

Pretty nifty features of Summly

It furnishes you with a simpler, less-complicated way to browse and search the web by just summarizing web pages and news articles. The application is very useful as it makes the content easy to consume and assures that the search results are applicable and can be easily estimated and measured.

Summly serves you to:
• Find faster, what you are looking on the web.
• Save time while browsing or searching on the net.
• Get over information overload.

A good thing is, Summly is language independent and can summarize web contents, news articles in all the languages.

About the latest genius teen of Internet, not Mark Zuckerberg : )

Nick D’Aloisio, a 16- year old Australian guy, now in London is the founder and is now the chief executive officer of a London-based company, Summly.

According to him, the web world is overcrowded and overloaded with long contents and articles. Here, Summly offers a simpler browsing and search experience by summarizing content into small sized chunks that makes a lot easier for the consumers to go through them.

Summly is going to be another start-up hit, another iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS) app that basically looks at the content of the web page and creates a prompt summary of that web page and then initializes it for the iPhone screen.

3 cheers for Nick and Summly too :)!!

Brief about Summly:

It was founded in 2011 by Nick D’Aloisio and a billionaire from Hong Kong Li Ka-Shing has invested in by Horizons Ventures with a decent aim of bringing text summary into the web platform.

It allows brief and relevant search browsing. It summarizes web content like articles, web pages into brief and easily digestible format.

Download the application from iTunes App store for free.

Get the easy and simpler way to summarize your web contents and explore the web world with simpler browsing experience.

Wishes to Summly and Nick from our team :)

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