UNHCR Version Skype: Make Free / Low-Cost Voice & Video Calls in Poor Connectivity Areas

Skype has released its UNHCR version of VOIP (internet) calls for the areas where there is a low bandwidth or connectivity is poor to make worldwide free or cheap (low cost) video or voice calls,

Skype the VOIP global giant has recently has partnered with the (UNHCR) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the humanitarian workers in many remote parts of the Earth will now have the latest VOIP cheap way to make voice-video call communication with their loved ones : ) using Skype’s BARE-BONES thin VOIP client which will consume very low bandwidth and would be good for the places where there internet connectivity is to weak : )

This new Skype VOIP bare bones client has been successfully tested in Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, etc and is currently made available to approx. 1,010 staff stationed in the remotest of the locations in Uganda, Sri Lanka, Chad, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Congo, Iraq, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Somalia, Sudan …etc according to the official Skype blog,

It says that Skype by the end of the year 2011 will be connected by its VOIP software with at least 80% of UNHCR hardship locations worldwide …


Call Congo free with Skype : )

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International call rates said...

I strongly commend Skype for making such strategic move. They have finally paid details to mostly ignored priority such as areas with low bandwidth or connectivity. I'm so much glad about the news that the global giant has finally partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This only means, consumers can highly benefit with this healthy competition.

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