Stranded Travelers at Europe Airports - Make Free Calls from Mobiles

How to make free mobile calls from Europe (info for stranded passengers),

May be, when Paris sneezes, all of the Europe catches a cold ...

... but this time Europe not only is cold but is ‘reeling’ under an intense cold, snow and is virtually freeze, hundreds of thousands of foreign and domestic travelers and passengers are stranded on various European airports like: Paris, London, Berlin, Frankfurt, on railways and on roads with no immediate signs of recovery : (

Well want to make a free phone call to the home to children, parents, family or friends in this emergency situation than Israel based mobile VOIP provider the FRING has a solution to make USD 5 worth free calls (by its Fringout service) to yours from your smart cell phone, Apple iPhone, Android, Symbian, Nokia etc,

Just find a free WIFI or use a WIFI, download Fring click on FRINGOUT you also have to tweet your fring user ID @Fring and the picture of your valid ticket, #freefringairport

(like as: #freefringairport my @fring userID: Jimmy1709,

the Fring team will credit your Fring VOIP account with $5 calling credit, which is enough to make an overseas call, and Fring is all set to blow away up-to 1 million of such DVQ free call minutes to call anywhere in the world to Europe’s stranded passengers ...


What is Fring’s free DVQ mobile video calling?

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