Skype OUT(age)-Supernodes Responsible?!


Hey, so you too? unable to Skype today?? Huh! Skype is down today, world is sad : ) this amazing VOIP connects this world for free and we are highly dependent on virtual world's services in our daily lives like Google, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging etc etc,

When any of these virtual world feature downs the world instantly is disconnected and life comes to halt, this is the power of the Digital Data World : )

Skype outage is going on WORLDWIDE and the Skype engineering team is investigating and working hard to keep it back again on the Go!

Skype VOIP is a high tech phenomenon and hundreds of thousands of global users always stuck to Skype like Honey-Bees : ) Skype is a P2P service and provides an unlimited Skype to Skype anywhere free audio / video calls,

Skype works via Supernodes, which works like the phone directories for the Skype, a supernode simply finds the contact whom with you wish to make a Skype call,

Skype VoIP crash is due to the problems going-on with, SUPERNODES! and Skype engineers are working to create the new MEGA-SUPERNODES!

Skype compensates and giving away global free calls voucher ...

Look forward for a cool Skype back on tracks again using @Skype

Skype Down: CEO updates

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