Put Skype Call Me Button On Blog / Web Site

Skype the VOIP giant is great to call for free, unlimited audio or video from anywhere to anywhere!

If you have a Skype account and also have the websites or blogs and you want that your visitors could talk to you on your Skype VOIP than you can place a free CALL ME button for Skype on your web site or blog, just choose the call me button design, and put a small HTML code, it's done!

Get a Skype CALL ME button (widget)...and let your web site / blog visitors call you on Skype when you are online for free using Skype to Skype and for a low cost from Skype to your phone number when you are offline, this could give a boost to your business if you ae selling something on your web and your customer need to talk you before buying your goods or services : )

Skype Me™!
Skype's Call Me button

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