MyTouch 4G: Mobile VoIP Video Call on Go with Fring

Fring is one of the most popular mobile VOIP software for the cell phones and PDAs handheld devices, it is based in Israel, and provides for smart mobile social networking,

Fringing could be done on various mobile operating system platforms like Android, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Symbian, Windows etc ...

Fring specializes in mobile video calls on go over WIFI, 3G cellular networks and Fring to Fring calls are always free over smart cellular phones anywhere in the world,

Fring now has latest video calling technique which is known as DVQ (Dynamic Video Quality), which ensures a trouble free and congestion free video call on the go by automatically-adjusting the bandwidth which is available for your current & ongoing ISP or internet provider ...

They also had developed a technology: proximity sensor and an ability to change between cameras on few Android OS mobile phones,

Now Fring's mobile VOIP solution is compatible with the MyTouch 4G smart cell phone and you can make full throttle video calls over MyTouch 4G mobile with Fring and if you want to make free video calling than use Fring on both sides i.e. between the caller and the receiver : )

Fring works great, long live Fring, keep Fringing : )

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