Google +1 Social VoIP Video Conference & IPTV??

Is Google going to add the massive scale social IP video call conferencing to the list of its great online social features?

TechCrunch reports and Andy Abramson's VOIP blog 'predicts' that why the search engine Google may enter in the lucrative business of online social video call conferencing?!

Andy reminds about Google's recent purchases of Marratech software (for making the multi-party video call conferencing software), GIPS (for video codec and video conference), and Gizmo5 (Gizmo has SIP based h.264 video...)

TechCrunch, interestingly reveals about Googol's 'would be, confidential & secret' social VOIP video call conference service, this social service previously guessed as EMERALD SEA or EMERALD CITY (name is perhaps based on the magical novel by John Ringo), but right now it is termed as Google +1 or Google Plus One and very interestingly one of the founders & creators of the search giant Google: Sergey Brin is involved in this very social project by Google,

A video chat works on Multiplexing i.e. sending the multiple digital streams over shared resources, Cisco's Umi HD telepresence, Apple has a native video calls app Facetime for iPhone 4, iPod Touch generation 4 and Mac to initiate a WIFI based free video call conferencing, Skype VOIP leader too is the master of overseas free video calling and many other mVOIP providers like Fring too champions the video calling over mobile phone on the go ...

The video call conferencing and online social networking is too and red hot trend for the world wide web right now and technology is evolving day by day its latest tech wonders which are going super smart & intelligent that's too on the go : )


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Is Google multi-party video conferencing is going to have any effect on sites ranking in Google's SERPs?. Actually these software are so reliable, secure and easy to use that you can connect anybody form anywhere even at low bandwidth.

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