Free VOIP App for iPhone 4: MO-Call 3G App

MO-Call is back in the VOIP news this time this popular mobile VoIP application have just launched its major update for Apple iPhone 4,

The latest MO Call VOIP update has a good chunk innovative tech features which includes a new user interface, an additional payment options and full account features like call records, order history and SMS delivery reports etc,

MO-Call mobile VOIP app is always free to download and when installed, this VOIP app enables users enjoy cheap / low cost international calls and also low-cost SMS (texts),

The latest MO-Call 3G iPhone app is now available free from Apple App Store & iTunes…. Enjoy!

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iPhone VoIP said...

Thanks for the mention :-)

Hopes everyone has a good Christmas and Happy New Year from the MO-Call Team.

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