Free Phone Calls to Spain (VOIP)

Localphone is giving away the FREE phone CALLS to Spain (España) landlines for the month of December to celebrate the festival and holiday season, and all LOCALPHONE customers, new or old are eligible to take the advantage of this free phone calls offer to Spanish landlines equally,

One can place absolutely free calls to Spain landlines either by his existing phone (with Localphone's Direct Dial with local access numbers) / smartphone or using PC to landline phones (over broadband or 3G: VOIP) in Espana,

In fact to make free calls to Spain you can call from any VOIP device (BYOD: bring your own device) with Localphone,

...also to place a call to Spanish mobile phones you have to spend 8.4p/min and this free calling offer applies only to Spain landlines, Enjoy : )

You can also Call the world for Free ...

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