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A new entrant to the international VOIP call scene has been surfaced: VIBER, it would surely be a BIG mobile VOIP (app) hit in the next coming few days : )

Viber has an app in Apple iTunes to make free international VOIP calls over iPhone (Viber to Viber) over 3G or WIFI, it do not drains the mobile battery too much like other VOIP apps and can work in background too,

Remember calls are free but will use your data plan, VIBER VOIP app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch is out and Android & Blackberry mobile app will hit soon,

This mobile VOIP app is all set to differ from its counterparts as, it would be available for various mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and Blackberry all, so when two (caller & receiver) users would have VIBER VOIP mobile app loaded on there above said any platforms, they can make a FREE overseas cross-platform call over 3G or WIFI, or free calls in-between an iPhone, Blackberry and Android mobile : )

Viber mobile VOIP app (with no ads) is if even closed, and also not working in the background, a user can than still receive phone call, via a push notification over Apple’s servers … thus it consumes lesser battery than other VOIP mobile apps,

Viber VOIP is something like Skype, Fring, Whistle or any other VOIP app which provides free VOIP calls intra-net or over their own network like Viber to Viber in this case from anywhere to anywhere in the world,

So next time make a VOIP mobile call over Viber to the actual phone numbers and not only restrict to your buddy's Skype or Facetime etc IDs : )



Karina said...

Is it available in many countries or only in the USA? I want free calls between Mexico and Australia

International calls from mobile said...

Viber VOIP app sounds great for an iPhone. This app seems offering the most desired deal in telecommunication industry. However, I strongly disagree that it can totally provide free international calls conveniently. There must be some catch with this offer, but I'm still hoping there's not.

kartikshradha said...

Hi Karina,

this is a VOIP app for Apple iPhone etc and also for Android mobiles, so this is NOT country-specific and would work from anywhere to anywhere in the world, and if you and your call receiver both have Apple iPhone or Android than load it and it would work great for making free calls between Mexico and Australia too, hope this helps : )

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