Free Google Nexus S: SIP-VOIP Gingerbread Phone Giveaway

Google Nexus S from Samsung is the latest SIP-VOIP Android smart cell phone from Google,

Samsung's Google Nexus S phone comes with VOIP / SIP support calling and boasts the latest GINGERBREAD / Android 2.3 technology which allows for the placing VOIP / internet calls and for the enhanced VOIP dialing to the other SIP accounts and the phone numbers, it has 1GHz hummingbird processor, portable WIFI hot spots, near field communications (NFC) etc,

Google Nexus S Twitter account is organizing a series of puzzles contest and will give away for free the latest Google Nexus S smart mobiles to the winners,

Read eligibility criteria to win a free Google Nexus S smart Android mobile phone device, no purchase is necessary to enter the contest and to win the latest cell phone: Google Nexus S : )

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