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The Holidays are back again in full swings, fun & frolic is everywhere is being spread in the air, kids are counting their toys and gadgets, teens are busy in romance, elderly are making hard to regain their youth : ) fragrance of joy is spreading everywhere on the Big canvas of the mighty nature : )

...So why not make a FREE CALL (phone) to your loved ones at home and also Santa Clause is missing you, make a FREE CALL to Santa and celebrate the festive spirit of Christmas (XMas) and New Year ... Santa is waiting to hear you : )

Make a free call to Santa from your Vonage (Vonage is one of the US based telecommunication giant) home phone line at 1-700-CALL-SANTA and hear a message from Santa Clause and record your greetings to Santa Claus, you can also track Santa's whereabout and where is HE busy by distributing the toys to the Kids in the world?!

We wish you all the joy that you can wish ... enjoy the festivity & holidays, have fun, Cheers!!!

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Call rates said...

For sure, this is going to be fun! It's such a great holiday treat - kids will enjoy this. Back to reality, making free calls this Christmas is not that reachable since there are more bulks of subscriber that will surely make calls to their loved ones, which can cause network traffic or even worse, can cause network outage. But I don't think, there's going to be a free call. This is only myth - most of these offers have hidden charges after making such call. Watch out for that!

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