Free Mobile Calls Within India to India

How to Make Free Mobile Calls from India to India?

Finally here is what our many readers wants: How to make free phone call in India from mobile phones to any phone without internet or computer?

How to make a FREE phone call with mobile phone with ZERO BALANCE (no balance) and without computer, internet, Skype or VOIP? is just about to launch its ads based free emergency calls (what they say it) within India!

... You need to make an urgent call and suddenly you realised that you are out of balance. Ever thought you shall be able make a call from cell phone? Gone are the time of free sms (text messaging), bring in the Free phone calls?

To start with any mobile user can make atleast 2 daily free calls of 1 minute each (emergency calls) from mobile phone after the launch of this free mobile phone calls service, this would be an ads based free call service and the user has to listen an audio advert before placing a free emergency call,

I talked to Ashish K (founder of this free telecom service in India) on phone and he did tried to describe his unique phone call for free service, it's bit different from the VOIP calls route : ) its based on advertising revenue model,

This could be a very interesting and useful SOS service when your pre-paid SIM / mobile has no or zero balance (it also could be used over a post-paid mobile phone) and you have to dial a call in emergency {which is other than to police in emergency to # 100 which is also a free call } (and #100 can even be dialed with a mobile even with NO SIM),

Phokat is a desi word used in India which means FREE in local dialect!

About :

The (free phone 2 phone calling service from mobile to mobile / landlines in India!) is Aryan Global Networks venture, which is Ahmedabad based SEO start-up company ...



Fazil said...

I just tried fantastic voip app. i had no problem installing or using it. felt so comfy and joyous on the first call that i have decided to keep it for a long time. Calls between users are free and with great HD sound!

Estelle said...

there are a few voip apps in India but i found to be the best. I say that coz i have been using it since a month... its calls have drops, no disturbance, in fact very clear. Sound quality makes you enjoy the calls thoroughly. Free calls are cherry on the cake :-)

Andrea said...

of all the voip that i tried i particularly like most. its simply superb! saving money on phone bills, super sound quality and loads of fun in free calls- these are its best features.

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