DVQ (Dynamic Video Quality): Free Mobile IP Video Calls by Fring

Fring, the smart mobile, social network based in Israel has always something INNOVATIVE which creates news : ) this time this mobile video call and free overseas video call on go 'specialist' has to offer is video calls on go on smart cell phones in DVQ (dynamic video quality),

Now the question is what the hell is this DVQ or dynamic video quality in mobile phone video calling?

Well, its nothing but simply DVQ is Dynamic Video Quality which means that during a mobile video call on the go, DVQ technology adjusts the streaming live video call quality, automatically & continuously or dynamically to provide you the best ever mobile video calling connectivity experience,

... this solution provides you for the best possible and optimized video quality which will be in resonance with your calls' currently available bandwidth between the call peers : ) and this all happens itself you have to do nothing and you can always be 'on-the-go' : )

Fring's DVQ solution is so intelligent that it even notifies its users of any changes in their network strength, in the real time, by an integrated DVQ network indicator,

Fring's DVQ mobile video calling app for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices are available in Apple iTunes Store and Android Market respectively ...

DVQ mobile video calling technology comes in tune with 3G, 4G, WIFI, WIMAX ... with all mobile data bearers,


Fring to Fring smart mobile video calls are always free all over the world over 3G or WIFI and you only have to bear the data charges and if your data pla comes with an unlimited data plan than you are always free to call over your mobile from anywhere to anywhere : )

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International calls from mobile said...

Fring should be recognized for its very innovative action. This will surely drive more prospects to sign up for their service. DVQ would surely get into its peak someday, the same as 3G have now. I'm sure; this is another innovation that would add more scenes in the current competition. Congratulations to the team for coming up this idea.

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