Body Browser-3D by Google: Map Human Anatomy

Finally a 'Google Earth' to map the Human Body arrived: Google Body Browser

The Google is the unmatched KING or rather God of the Internet / virtual world who rules it and real world follows the terms set by this search giant : ) perhaps Google has grown an Artificial Intelligence and is getting more intelligent than its creators, the human!

Google has several great apps like Google Maps, Earth, Moon, Mars etc. and now the Google Labs is all set to scan the human body / human anatomy with its latest BODY BROWSER! To use the high tech 3D layered view of human body with Google Body Browser you would need a Web browser with WebGL support ...

You can view and feel the human body, muscles, bones etc in 3D and can peel away the skin layers to see inside it, oooohh,

Google 3D body browser would be an interesting Google App like others: Google maps, Earth etc and would be very useful for the medical industry, medical science students and the Doctors in the making : )

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