Apple Facetime's Free Phantom Calls?

Apple Inc. has a wonderful mobile video phony software, FACETIME on the go for iPhone 4 (iOS 4), Mac and iPod Touch generation four, it is one touch and free to place VIDEO CALLS in-between these above all iDevices, anywhere in the world from anywhere for an unlimited time, (iPad is coming soon)..

People are reporting a glitch in FACETIME video calling software and thus Apple's Facetime video calls software is placing the automated & mysterious free PHANTOM CALLS to the owners of Mac, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G : )

... what does it means? it means simply a few FaceTime users have received Phantom free calls from then users who did never actually contacted him; also Facetime placed calls from these iDevices to another users without the consent of the device owners : )

... may be a new faeture beta testing from FaceTime video calling team in Holidays : ) Lol ...

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