6-Way FREE VoIP Video Call Conferencing on Android over WIFI, 3G, 4G

For Google's mobile OS: Android-gadgets, Oovoo has released an app to make 6-way video calling on mobile at once, on the go, live, face to face, streaming and in real-time!

This 6 way multi-person video calling app offers free user to user (Oovoo to Oovoo) voice calling, sms and video calls too, the app is free to download, currently works over HTC EVO and Samsung Epic Android devices,

When / if your contact do not have OOVOO installed, than you can still make a free browser based video call by sending him a link using email,

Oovoo is a popular name in voice-video telephony & VOIP in the USA ...

Remember the Oovoo's six-way mobile video call conference is free till January 2, 2011, enjoy the holidays, Merry Christmas and a very happy new year, God Bless : )

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