4G = WiMAX, LTE, HSPA+, Evolved 3G Technologies

Four G or 4G is simply the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards and the successor of 2G, and 3G mobile technologies,

There have been pre-4G technologies too which are: mobile WiMAX and the first-release 3G Long term evolution (LTE) since the year 2006,

Many third world (developing) countries are pathetically still surviving on the 2G or 2.5G wireless cellular technology though developed world nations are enjoying 3G and now 4G technology very fast, in 4G the data transmission speed is much higher than that of 3G, but think when the 5G (future mobile cellular wireless technology) or the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology will arrive, just imagine the speed of wireless data transmission!

Now ITU standards permits WiMAX, LTE, HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access) or any other evolved 3G cellular wireless technology to get a birth in the coveted band of ‘4G’,

… T-Mobile might be feeling comfortable as its HSPA+ network would be dubbed as the true and largest 4G network in USA,

To clarify that wireless data technology: 4G is not a specification or any standard, just stands for fourth generation of mobile wireless technology, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has nothing to create / define WiMAX or LTE, the ITU only pre-sets a criteria for these technologies should meet with,

ITU (International Telecommunication Union based in Geneva, Switzerland) is an agency of the UN to guide, control the flow of information and communication technologies …

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