12 Days of Christmas(tide) App Free iTunes Gifts

Christmas, New Year and Holidays are here once again, we are zooming with fun and frolic and Apple Inc. has once again brought free holiday gifts for you : )

Christmastide or 12 (twelve) days of Christmas annual app is a free app by Apple iTunes Europe, which promises daily free gifts download from Apple iTunes each and every day (universal iOS app) starting Dec. 26 to Jan. 6, 2010, directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch ...

Just be sure to turn the Push Notifications 'ON' when this prompts you, so you can receive an alert each day whenever the Apple's new gift for you is available, the every day a free gift download would be available only for 24 hours, it could be any free content like various media: videos, music, TV show, a film or such, and we know FREE is luring and good for all : )

The free holidays gifts app from iTunes is said to be ONLY available for the few Europe nations and certainly NOT for the USA : (

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