Skype 3.0 for iPhone Mobile Video Calls: 3G-WIFI

Skype the brand leader of VOIP has just updated its app for Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch generation 4 (iOS 4 and higher) in iTunes store and now worldwide Skypers can make a VIDEO CALL over iPhone mobile too and that is too over a 3G cellular network and WIFI both,

Skype to Skype worldwide calls are free and now Apple iPhone users can make free video mobile calls (face-to-face) using Skype 3.0 VOIP srvice,

Until now the Skype VOIP video calling over cell phones (on the go) was ONLY available over Nokia N900 tablet (Linux-Maemo) ...

Win $100 of MO-Call Credit

The popular mobile VoIP (mVOIP) service from MO-Call (too like mobile VOIP provider Fring) is giving-away one lucky person, the chance to win $100 of MO-Call credit.

All you need to do is head over to the MO-Call Facebook page, share the page and tell them why you love using MO-Call. The best & most original comment wins $100 of free MO-Call credit,

This free calls minute contest will come to an end on the 7th of January at 23:59PM GMT with the winner being announced on 10th January, 2011.


Good luck and Happy New Year 

Win FREE DVQ™ Mobile Video Calls Minutes: Contest

Fring mobile VOIP is Israel based social smart mobile telephony and mobile VOIP provider which provides excellent quality DVQ (dynamic video quality) video call over cell phones which could range from free (Fring to Fring) to cheap local or international calls, they provide smart VOIP calls over 3G and WIFI both,

Fring mVOIP is having a Fringout Facebook contest in which they are giving away the free mobile call credit which values A COOL $100, you have to share the competition post and can win free calling of approx. 200 hours : )

T&C of the fring mobile VOIP free calls contest ...

Free Mobile Calls Within India to India

How to Make Free Mobile Calls from India to India?

Finally here is what our many readers wants: How to make free phone call in India from mobile phones to any phone without internet or computer?

How to make a FREE phone call with mobile phone with ZERO BALANCE (no balance) and without computer, internet, Skype or VOIP? is just about to launch its ads based free emergency calls (what they say it) within India!

... You need to make an urgent call and suddenly you realised that you are out of balance. Ever thought you shall be able make a call from cell phone? Gone are the time of free sms (text messaging), bring in the Free phone calls?

To start with any mobile user can make atleast 2 daily free calls of 1 minute each (emergency calls) from mobile phone after the launch of this free mobile phone calls service, this would be an ads based free call service and the user has to listen an audio advert before placing a free emergency call,

I talked to Ashish K (founder of this free telecom service in India) on phone and he did tried to describe his unique phone call for free service, it's bit different from the VOIP calls route : ) its based on advertising revenue model,

This could be a very interesting and useful SOS service when your pre-paid SIM / mobile has no or zero balance (it also could be used over a post-paid mobile phone) and you have to dial a call in emergency {which is other than to police in emergency to # 100 which is also a free call } (and #100 can even be dialed with a mobile even with NO SIM),

Phokat is a desi word used in India which means FREE in local dialect!

About :

The (free phone 2 phone calling service from mobile to mobile / landlines in India!) is Aryan Global Networks venture, which is Ahmedabad based SEO start-up company ...


Skype VoIP Free Calls Credit Voucher

How to get a Skype VoIP Free Calling Credit Voucher?

Skype the world leader for VOIP free international call is crashed past more than 24 hours because of super nodes problem problem and trying hard to recovering this serious Skype-SUPER NODE crash!

People and Enterprise now rely heavily on this world class and unmatched free to cheap overseas and local VOIP conferencing software but this outage of Skype VOIP has caused serious blow to the band name, THE SKYPE : (

Skype CEO Tony Bates is well aware and a worried man and do not want to compromise with his global world class VOIP company thus announced that Skype will give away free calling minutes to its subscribers to call phones for free, they will send their PAYG and pre-pay clients a Skype FREE calls credit voucher via email which would provide approx 30 minutes of free calls to landline anywhere on the Earth : ) ... Nice deal Man, thanks a lot : ) Keep it on, world needs Skype free calls ...

Related YouTube video to get free unlimited Skype credit for a month to make unlimited free overseas calls to the real phone numbers:

Skype OUT(age)-Supernodes Responsible?!


Hey, so you too? unable to Skype today?? Huh! Skype is down today, world is sad : ) this amazing VOIP connects this world for free and we are highly dependent on virtual world's services in our daily lives like Google, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging etc etc,

When any of these virtual world feature downs the world instantly is disconnected and life comes to halt, this is the power of the Digital Data World : )

Skype outage is going on WORLDWIDE and the Skype engineering team is investigating and working hard to keep it back again on the Go!

Skype VOIP is a high tech phenomenon and hundreds of thousands of global users always stuck to Skype like Honey-Bees : ) Skype is a P2P service and provides an unlimited Skype to Skype anywhere free audio / video calls,

Skype works via Supernodes, which works like the phone directories for the Skype, a supernode simply finds the contact whom with you wish to make a Skype call,

Skype VoIP crash is due to the problems going-on with, SUPERNODES! and Skype engineers are working to create the new MEGA-SUPERNODES!

Skype compensates and giving away global free calls voucher ...

Look forward for a cool Skype back on tracks again using @Skype

Skype Down: CEO updates

Take care,

Gmail Free IP Calls to USA / Canada Extended for Year 2011 Too

The popular free IP phone calling in USA / Canada via Gmail will be free for whole of the next year 2011 too, thanks to the festive spirits of Google's GMail team : )

It simply works to place free calls in US / Canada from PC (Gmail) to regular phones like we dial using regular phones,

So do not hesitate just Call phones for free, from your Gmail account and continue to make free phone calls within USA / Canada : ) in the year 2011 too ...


4G = WiMAX, LTE, HSPA+, Evolved 3G Technologies

Four G or 4G is simply the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards and the successor of 2G, and 3G mobile technologies,

There have been pre-4G technologies too which are: mobile WiMAX and the first-release 3G Long term evolution (LTE) since the year 2006,

Many third world (developing) countries are pathetically still surviving on the 2G or 2.5G wireless cellular technology though developed world nations are enjoying 3G and now 4G technology very fast, in 4G the data transmission speed is much higher than that of 3G, but think when the 5G (future mobile cellular wireless technology) or the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology will arrive, just imagine the speed of wireless data transmission!

Now ITU standards permits WiMAX, LTE, HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access) or any other evolved 3G cellular wireless technology to get a birth in the coveted band of ‘4G’,

… T-Mobile might be feeling comfortable as its HSPA+ network would be dubbed as the true and largest 4G network in USA,

To clarify that wireless data technology: 4G is not a specification or any standard, just stands for fourth generation of mobile wireless technology, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has nothing to create / define WiMAX or LTE, the ITU only pre-sets a criteria for these technologies should meet with,

ITU (International Telecommunication Union based in Geneva, Switzerland) is an agency of the UN to guide, control the flow of information and communication technologies …

Stranded Travelers at Europe Airports - Make Free Calls from Mobiles

How to make free mobile calls from Europe (info for stranded passengers),

May be, when Paris sneezes, all of the Europe catches a cold ...

... but this time Europe not only is cold but is ‘reeling’ under an intense cold, snow and is virtually freeze, hundreds of thousands of foreign and domestic travelers and passengers are stranded on various European airports like: Paris, London, Berlin, Frankfurt, on railways and on roads with no immediate signs of recovery : (

Well want to make a free phone call to the home to children, parents, family or friends in this emergency situation than Israel based mobile VOIP provider the FRING has a solution to make USD 5 worth free calls (by its Fringout service) to yours from your smart cell phone, Apple iPhone, Android, Symbian, Nokia etc,

Just find a free WIFI or use a WIFI, download Fring click on FRINGOUT you also have to tweet your fring user ID @Fring and the picture of your valid ticket, #freefringairport

(like as: #freefringairport my @fring userID: Jimmy1709,

the Fring team will credit your Fring VOIP account with $5 calling credit, which is enough to make an overseas call, and Fring is all set to blow away up-to 1 million of such DVQ free call minutes to call anywhere in the world to Europe’s stranded passengers ...


What is Fring’s free DVQ mobile video calling?

Free VOIP App for iPhone 4: MO-Call 3G App

MO-Call is back in the VOIP news this time this popular mobile VoIP application have just launched its major update for Apple iPhone 4,

The latest MO Call VOIP update has a good chunk innovative tech features which includes a new user interface, an additional payment options and full account features like call records, order history and SMS delivery reports etc,

MO-Call mobile VOIP app is always free to download and when installed, this VOIP app enables users enjoy cheap / low cost international calls and also low-cost SMS (texts),

The latest MO-Call 3G iPhone app is now available free from Apple App Store & iTunes…. Enjoy!

Free Test Drive of Chrome Notebook in USA

If you live in USA (no P.O. Box address please)and are 18 and above years of age than you are eligible for this free pilot programme to free test drive Google Chrome OS notebook,

The test drive Chrome OS notebooks are limited number editions, and Google will collect the data of your browsing, it is a sole discretion of the Google to distribute this Chrome OS pilot notebook and you are not allowed to sell or distribute this notebook device to anyone else except but only with Google Inc. permission ...

Surprisingly the pilot project to free test drive Chrome OS notebook is only meant for US residents but their request form has a drop down menu which shows all the countries of the world : ( can not say why?!

12 Days of Christmas(tide) App Free iTunes Gifts

Christmas, New Year and Holidays are here once again, we are zooming with fun and frolic and Apple Inc. has once again brought free holiday gifts for you : )

Christmastide or 12 (twelve) days of Christmas annual app is a free app by Apple iTunes Europe, which promises daily free gifts download from Apple iTunes each and every day (universal iOS app) starting Dec. 26 to Jan. 6, 2010, directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch ...

Just be sure to turn the Push Notifications 'ON' when this prompts you, so you can receive an alert each day whenever the Apple's new gift for you is available, the every day a free gift download would be available only for 24 hours, it could be any free content like various media: videos, music, TV show, a film or such, and we know FREE is luring and good for all : )

The free holidays gifts app from iTunes is said to be ONLY available for the few Europe nations and certainly NOT for the USA : (

Google +1 Social VoIP Video Conference & IPTV??

Is Google going to add the massive scale social IP video call conferencing to the list of its great online social features?

TechCrunch reports and Andy Abramson's VOIP blog 'predicts' that why the search engine Google may enter in the lucrative business of online social video call conferencing?!

Andy reminds about Google's recent purchases of Marratech software (for making the multi-party video call conferencing software), GIPS (for video codec and video conference), and Gizmo5 (Gizmo has SIP based h.264 video...)

TechCrunch, interestingly reveals about Googol's 'would be, confidential & secret' social VOIP video call conference service, this social service previously guessed as EMERALD SEA or EMERALD CITY (name is perhaps based on the magical novel by John Ringo), but right now it is termed as Google +1 or Google Plus One and very interestingly one of the founders & creators of the search giant Google: Sergey Brin is involved in this very social project by Google,

A video chat works on Multiplexing i.e. sending the multiple digital streams over shared resources, Cisco's Umi HD telepresence, Apple has a native video calls app Facetime for iPhone 4, iPod Touch generation 4 and Mac to initiate a WIFI based free video call conferencing, Skype VOIP leader too is the master of overseas free video calling and many other mVOIP providers like Fring too champions the video calling over mobile phone on the go ...

The video call conferencing and online social networking is too and red hot trend for the world wide web right now and technology is evolving day by day its latest tech wonders which are going super smart & intelligent that's too on the go : )

Canada: Free Long Distance, cell phone VOIP Calling

Good news for Canadians, Fibernetics in association with Budeweiser beer (telecom company based at Cambridge) has launched a smart cell phone app: BUDPHONE which makes enables the PC, RIM Blackberry, Apple iPhone and Google's Android devices to make FREE long distance phone calls with-in Canada, on the Go!

Fibernetics uses , a VOIP company to make us enable to dial free calls in Canada!

Canadians, keep in touch for free and also with Telephoon blog you may share and bookmark us : )

6-Way FREE VoIP Video Call Conferencing on Android over WIFI, 3G, 4G

For Google's mobile OS: Android-gadgets, Oovoo has released an app to make 6-way video calling on mobile at once, on the go, live, face to face, streaming and in real-time!

This 6 way multi-person video calling app offers free user to user (Oovoo to Oovoo) voice calling, sms and video calls too, the app is free to download, currently works over HTC EVO and Samsung Epic Android devices,

When / if your contact do not have OOVOO installed, than you can still make a free browser based video call by sending him a link using email,

Oovoo is a popular name in voice-video telephony & VOIP in the USA ...

Remember the Oovoo's six-way mobile video call conference is free till January 2, 2011, enjoy the holidays, Merry Christmas and a very happy new year, God Bless : )

Body Browser-3D by Google: Map Human Anatomy

Finally a 'Google Earth' to map the Human Body arrived: Google Body Browser

The Google is the unmatched KING or rather God of the Internet / virtual world who rules it and real world follows the terms set by this search giant : ) perhaps Google has grown an Artificial Intelligence and is getting more intelligent than its creators, the human!

Google has several great apps like Google Maps, Earth, Moon, Mars etc. and now the Google Labs is all set to scan the human body / human anatomy with its latest BODY BROWSER! To use the high tech 3D layered view of human body with Google Body Browser you would need a Web browser with WebGL support ...

You can view and feel the human body, muscles, bones etc in 3D and can peel away the skin layers to see inside it, oooohh,

Google 3D body browser would be an interesting Google App like others: Google maps, Earth etc and would be very useful for the medical industry, medical science students and the Doctors in the making : )

WikiLeaks but Sanitary Pad (Napkin) Not in Pakistan

An interesting advert appeared in Pakistan re: women's sanitary pad (napkins) brand called as BUTTERLY,

The ad says: Wikileaks Butterfly doesn't : )

FYI: Wikileaks is recently creating ripples in the world news regards its revelations about the Governments etc, they say: We open Governments!

... Strangely this very humorous piece of an advert surfaced in an Islamic nation about women's secrete 'device': the extra absorbent sanitary napkins : )

This humor ad is creatively designed by RG-Blue a creative ad agency ...

Win Apple iPhone 4: MO-Call Christmas Offer

Hey! it is a BIG chance to get a free Apple iPhone 4 ...

To mark the holidays, new year, Christmas and the end of the year 2010, MO-Call has decided to offer 25% top-up bonus to all of its users who make a top-up between Tuesday 14th December and Saturday 25th December 2010,

Users who make a top-up during the promotional period will also be entered in a prize draw stake to win a brand new Apple iPhone 4,

MO-Call simply enables the users to make cheap or low cost international calls, send low-cost SMS (text messages) and make VoIP calls,

The popular mobile application is supported on over 2,130 mobile devices including handsets that run on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Java, Symbian and Windows Mobile,

Readers not familiar with the MO-Call service, you can read what we think here. More details regarding MO-Call’s Christmas offer can be found on the MO-Call blog ...

Samsung Galaxy S: Skype-SD Card Storage for VOIP Android App

Skype is the world leader in VOIP services who provides for best overseas, local or long distance free unlimited video or audio call conferencing (Skype to Skype) from anywhere to anywhere using internet and provides cheap calls for Skype to non-Skype phone numbers worldwide and to the phone lines and mobiles on the Go!

Skype VOIP have updated their Skype for Android software to make it compatible with Samsung Galaxy's S smart cell phone (mobile phone), so one can use Skype's Android VOIP app over Samsung Galaxy S until it's on Android 2.2 or higher version, the most beneficial Skype-Galaxy S feature is that you can store the app on your Samsung Galaxy SD (secure digital) card ...