White Apple iPhone 4 Geek Genius Creator ...

Officially the Apple Inc. has not launched yet the white iPhone 4 in the markets till date, which is in very high demand,

But a teenager geek genius boy who is cool 17 year old, Fei Lam managed to order white iPhone 4 parts / accessories from Taiwan's Apple supplier, and managed to sold the white iPhone 4 conversion kits for $279 on his newly created web site for this purpose:


Highlighted now by online media, his white iPhone 4 website is zooming with booming web traffic!

He also reveals the white iPhone 4 owners stats like how many owners owe a white iPhone 4 : )

Interestingly this teen in very short time become a millionaire with six figures income : ) by selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits,

We can't say if it could trouble him a bit with Apple Inc. ?!


How to get a WHITE Apple iPhone 4 legally?

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