Login Two Skype accounts: Same PC, At-a-Time: How To?

May be you have more than one Skype (VOIP) accounts, one personal for family & friends, other for business relations, and may be many more for various causes,

Did you thought anytime that may be it could be possible for you to login 2 (or multiple) Skype accounts on one and same PC at-a-time simultaneously and could handle your Skype contacts accordingly as per your preference like one Skype calling with friends, family, social online guys and other Skype login for biz contacts only and both Skype VOIP accounts do not have absolutely any clash in-them! And you never miss any Skype calls …

Fine print:

Well, it is possible, but perhaps would not work on new Skype VOIP calls software versions, so please check, before you go : ) and the lesson says that it works on Windows XP : ( sounds Greek or Roman or a bit techy?! huh ...

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