Kate Middleton-Prince William: Long-Distance IP Video Calls (Mobile)?

Do celebrities too use Fring mobile VoIP video mobile calls?

The Israel based smart phone VOIP call and video call on the go, solution provider Fring has an interesting rumor on their blog about, that did Royal couple: Kate Middleton & Prince William blossomed / dated their long distance romance going on with Fring smart mobile video calls?

Rumors are rumors but Fring free mobile video call conferencing (VOIP) works 'peachy' in-between Buckle bury and in Afghanistan : )

Fring provides mobile social networking solution on the go and also provides free to cheap overseas or local video / audio calls on the go on WIFI and 3G both, just get it on your smart mobile and make free IP unlimited calls anywhere, but Fring should be there on both the ends, cell phones on which you wanna chat for free : )

Also Fring provides 2-way unlimited video calling over Apple iPhone and supports, Symbian, Android, Nokia, Windows etc mobile platforms ...

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