Internet Week UK (Europe): Free WIFI Skype Access

Skype the most popular VOIP free Skype to Skype calling provider in the world (Audio and Video) is giving away its instant SKYPE ACCESS WIFI hotspots for free in UK from 0001 GMT 8th November 2010 to 2359 GMT 12th November 2010, during the Internet week Europe 2010,

Use free Skype access in UK (Europe) to surf the net, download music, games, make FaceTime video calls over iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G or iPad, Skype to Skype unlimited worldwide free calling, or use internet at Skype enabled WIFI hot spots at airports or hotels for free during the above mentioned festival season in UK ...

Skype Access is a Skype service which provides for low cost / cheap WIFI all over the world (in association with the local telecom operators) using various hotspots, no hassles to use you credit card each time to use the WIFI, Your Skype balance or credit is a good option to use Skype Access pay per minute anywhere in the world, a trusted brand - Skype!

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