HD Voice, VOIP, Skype, Silk Codec, Wideband Audio, Intel High Definition Audio (HD Audio or Azalia): What are they?

High-definition audio (wide-band audio which uses codec like G.722 and G.722.2) crystal clear voice phone / mobile phone calling or 3G OR VOIP calling with HD voice is in much demand now and is the NEXT and immediate future of the voice and video telephony!

HD Voice is the next generation's voice telecommunication or conversation and is much better than to the present standard digital telephony "toll quality",

The HD voice (High definition voice) reduces the background noises thus hisses & crackles many times heard during a normal mobile call conferencing,

The technology popular and known as Adaptive Multi Rate Wideband (AMR-WB) is being adopted now as the international standards for 3G mobile cellular networks, you know that HD voice technology works on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to capture & transmit the clear and higher sound quality,

AMR-WB simply squeezes the voice data and is known as a speech codec software to squeeze / compresses the voice signals to max the amount of bandwidth available on the network,

HD Voice conferencing use the latest codec to significantly double the sampling rate of caller's voice and thus transforms it into a rich crystal clear sound, which was SIMPLY absent in the normal phone calls,

In UK, the Orange mobile is very first mobile network to roll out this HD Voice call technology which offers a greater pitch of clearer voice calls,

Now many nations are fast adopting the HD voice / mobile technology like Moscow (Russia by mobile operator Megafon), Moldova, Germany, Armenia, Belgium, France, Spain, Malta (Sky Telecom), India (TATA-DOCOMO), Egypt (Orange and Mobinil), and Orange will pump HD voice in Switzerland by 2011, Luxembourg, Tunisia, and Morocco too are in the list of Orange to hit by High-definition voice calling,


Intel’s High Definition Audio (also called HD Audio or Azalia)

Whats is HD Voice, hear the voice quality difference here,

HD Voice communication over VOIP:

HD Voice is growing fast worldwide as a transition from TDM to IP communications, the VoIP providers are now supporting HD voice, the telephony or the communications over the VoIP too can exploit the wideband audio codec, such as in the PC-to-PC calling, over VoIP services, VOIP leader Skype, uses Silk codec,

A few of the Finnish Nokia cell phone handset over S60 and Series 40 OS which supports VoIP calling supports wideband audio or HD voice calling too,

The manufacturers of audio conferencing equipment have audio wideband ready telecom equipment models which largely supports G.722 over VoIP,


As early in February 1st, 2007, the Iristel introduced its HD VoIP service in Canada, the voice improved largely to CD quality over VOIP,

Skype leverages HD voice calls over its VOIP and did you ever noticed Skype to Skype VOIP calls are why so crystal clear and good than any mobile network or over PSTN calls?

This is because that VOIP provider Skype uses a translation algorithm a “codec”: ISAC, which captures 16 KHz of the voice frequency, unlike 8 KHz (which normal publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) calls & many of the VoIP call providers do, and just by capturing & transmitting this wider range of the voice frequencies, VOIP-Skype voice quality is crystal clear, live and much humanistic - realistic,


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